Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mulroney Suing Liberal MP For Defamation

He's not going to let them beat up on him anymore. He's fighting back in his own personal crusade against Liberal demagogues. Starting with Robert Thibault, who has been on the offensive for some time now, making many aggressive accusations against Mr. Mulroney. While representing the Liberal Party of Canada, by the way.

Like I said in the post below, it's going to blow up in the Liberals' face. They shouldn't have started this all over again, taking the word of a man charged with fraud and facing extradition toface these charges. And who gave their party $100,000.

Granted, I know Mulroney made some really stupid policy decisions, like the GST and the CF-18 contract matter, but this guy is a formidable political and legal enemy for anyone daring to attack him.

But the Liberals asked for it, and they weren't careful what they asked for. Because they're getting a lot more.