Saturday, November 10, 2007

US: Maher Arar is Al Qaeda Member

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So Maher Arar is actually suspected by the US of being a terrorist. The US finally openly declares that he is an Al Qaeda member, based on information provided by the RCMP.

NEW YORK - There were gasps in a U.S. federal appeals court yesterday as a U.S. government lawyer spoke of Maher Arar's "unequivocal membership of al-Qaeda."


The Syrian-born Canadian sued the U.S. government for secretly shipping him in 2002 to Syria, where he was tortured during almost a year in custody.

Hey, wait a minute! What proof is there that he was tortured? He claims he was, and some believe he was, therefore the MSM says that he was? Contrast that to the MSM's insistence on referring to William Sampson's torture as "alleged". Why the differential MSM treatment? Interesting, isn't it? They'll believe a Muslim Arab's claims but not a white, non-Muslim's claims? Political correctness? Dhimmitude? Racism?

Look, there is a war going on. The enemy won't give us the benefit of the doubt. But here we see the US government declaring positively that Arar IS Al Qaeda, but we seemingly so far can't do anything much about it?

Oh, dear...

Anyway, the case isn't over.

Either Arar is the enemy or he isn't.

We'll have to wait and see the evidence, if indeed the US government is finally about to show it to the court.

After all, in war, we cannot abandon any battle for reasons of political correctness.

Always remember: the enemy will use political correctness to get an advantage, and we can't allow this to happen.

So let's let the US make its case. And let the court make its ruling.