Wednesday, November 28, 2007

70 Voted While Masked

Story here. h/t:

Elections Canada has informed the government there were 70 instances in the September federal byelections in Quebec of voters showing up at the polls wearing face masks, Government House leader Peter Van Loan disclosed yesterday.

So now we know how many voted while masked. Such a number is potentially enough to provide for enough cheating to put one candidate falsely over the top in a very tight race.

Too bad the Chief Electoral Officer says we can't always make people take off their masks to vote.

Also, is there really any way of preventing a single masked person from buying, stealing, forging or borrowing other peoples' identities and showing them while masked so as to be able to vote in their place?

Imagine some dude going around with multiple identities in his pockets, voting repeatedly while covered head to toe in a burka. Who's going to demand he show his face? No one, for fear of being accused of something like racism or intolerance or Islamophobia, notwithstanding the need to protect the integrity of the democratic process!

Heck, that 70 people could've been one guy in various disguises using 70 different sets of identification. Yes, it's possible... logistically difficult, but possible. Much more possible if it was a team of, say, ten people all voting for the same party seven times each... Just think about it and you'll see how it's possible to cheat.

So, to be certain that the democratic process isn't going to be potentially abused, we must legislate that all voters be facially identified in order to vote. Duh!