Monday, August 14, 2006

UK Muslims Responsible for Terrorist Networks: Column

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"When will the Muslim community in this country accept an absolute, undeniable, total truth: that Islamic terrorism is their problem?" wrote John Stevens, former commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, in a Sunday newspaper.

In an inflammatory opinion column, he called on Muslims to "stop the denial, endless fudging and constant wailing that somehow it is everyone else's problem and, if Islamic terrorism exists at all, they are somehow the main victims".


"Of course, there'll be instant squealings that this is racism. It's not," Lord Stevens insisted.

"It's exactly the same as recognising that, during the Northern Ireland troubles that left thousands dead, the IRA were totally based in the Catholic community and the UVF in the Protestant."

Indeed, it is an Islamic problem.

Does anyone in their right mind think that the jihadists, who come directly from Islamic families, Islamic communities, Islamic Mosques, etc... aren't being either actively or passively aided and abetted by their families, friends, neighbors, Imams, etc.?

It is illogical to claim that it isn't a problem of the Islamic community, wherever there's an Islamic community.

Recall this post about a former jihadist, who himself understands the very essence of the problem. His prescriptions for defeating jihad are very clear: go to the source.

Jihad is an essential, mandatory component of Islam, after all. Therefore, Islam is the root cause of jihad.

And Muslims must face up to this, if they care. If they want Islam to survive, or perish in nuclear armageddon, thanks to the Islamofascists, whom they hardly ever denounce.

It's up to them.