Thursday, August 03, 2006

Yeah... What's So Fabulous?

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Rachel Marsden makes good, valid points, indeed.

Myself, I don't see the point of having an "olympics" if it's really all about sex and being as "gay" and freaky as possible.

The qualification standards for the Outgames can be summarized in one word: Gay. Or, if you prefer, "fabulous" -- which is why there are nearly 400 fabulous swimmers competing in the 100-metre freestyle event alone. Disneyland rides have tougher admission standards.

Hey! This discriminates against straight people and non-"fabulous", normal folks! This is contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms! I hope some straight people haul the "Outgames" before the Human Rights Commission or something and give these fabulous but fascistic folks a taste of their own medicine...

How dare they... exclude athletes from competing... just because they're straight? Not that any self-respecting straight athlete would take this silly event seriously. After all, if everyone gets a medal, why bother? Real athletes are about competing to see who's the best, period. Not to show that they're the silliest idiot of all who can swim, run or jump... who, by the way, happens to have sex with members of their own gender...

I have nothing against gay people, but this event raises a lot of questions. For instance, the Outgames website warns that an athlete can be drug-tested at any time, but everyone gets a medal. Wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose of the drugs?

The games consist of various Olympic sports, along with an event called the "Out-Splash!" -- an aquatic team event with "acrobatics, humour, choreography and costumes." Participants are judged on the following criteria -- pride, "out" and having a "flamboyant, outrageous theme." Doesn't figure skating already have all
this covered?

Hmm... I thought they already had an event for that sort of stuff... it's called a "gay parade". One can't get more flamboyantly "out"rageous than that! Oh, and that reminds me... of course there was a naked guy at the Outgames, streaking... the Outgames wouldn't be complete without a gay guy gaily gallivanting around, proudly showing off his flipping, flopping little frankfurter... same as in the parades!
Despite rocking a tight leather cowboy outfit at last year's Calgary Stampede, Prime Minister Stephen Harper doesn't have very many fans in the Outgames crowd. While an international war was raging in the Mideast, he was attacked for not visiting the Outgames, and sending Public Works Minister Michael Fortier instead.

Yeah, Rachel... we're probably in the early going of World War Four... and KD Lang et al think it's still the most critically important thing in the world for the Prime Minister to be present at an event based solely on gayness and about how weird one can look and act while swimming, running and jumping around for no reason other than to do it and get a medal no matter how crappy your performance... I believe Mr. Harper, though he could care less about your private life and mine and anyone else's, has many far more critically important things to do.

And the behavior of the gayfolk towards gov't representative Michael Fortier was intolerant, fascistic, supremacistic, imposing... and totally "out"rageous!

Ok, that's enough about that now... I just had to thump some asshats who think they're the hottest shits on earth... jeez!