Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cult of Death

"Palestinian" children.
With guns.
On the streets.
Of "Palestine".
Getting their formal, mandatory "education".
I did not make this up.
This is where terrorists come from.
This is the raison d'etre of "Palestine".
Not to become a "nation".
But to be the means by which Islam attempts to destroy Israel.
Just because Israel is not Islamic.
After all, under Islam, that which is not Islamic must be destroyed.
This is the truth.
It is not a "religion". It is not about peace.
Islam is a cult of barbarians and merciless, murderous supremacists.
That is the truth.
To see many more damning pictures, click here.
It is NOT "resistance" to "occupation". It is all about Islam's ultimate goal of Islamifying the planet... beginning with Israel, the only non-Islamic nation in the Middle East. The only nation in the Middle East with freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights all guaranteed.
Islam forbids all of the things the Free World stands for, that the people of the Free World cherish... and sometimes take for granted.
Islam has no place for freedom, democracy, the rule of law (other than Islamic "law") and human rights. Therefore, they are required by their evil ideology to eliminate these things. And they must start somewhere... and they chose right there in the most Islamofascist region on earth... to wipe out the only nation in the region representing genuine humanity.
To read about the truth about the Middle East, go here. I've just begun reading what's at this link and have already learned things I haven't previously.
And witness your indoctrination go up in flames... and feel the anger... at Islam. At the Islamic Arab world for always having, since the very beginning, denying the Arab "refugees" permission to immigrate to their countries, just for the puropse of using these people as pawns and human bombs in an attempt to get rid of Israel... for simply being non-Islamic.
Learn about how the Islamic world cleansed their nations of Jews... at gunpoint... and confiscated their possessions. And feel yourself becoming angry again at Islam and Islamofascists.
The mainstream media will never tell you the truth. Nor will the education system of the Free World, for the forces of political correctness and Dhimmitude want the truth to fade away into oblivion!
Do you want to know the truth... or will you be more comfortable submitting meekly to lies and political correctness fascism?
The choice is yours. Choose your side: good or evil.