Monday, August 14, 2006

The Dhimmification of Mike Wallace

Has-been American MSMer Mike Wallace has gone Dhimmi. He has willingly submitted to the will of a murderous, hateful, supremacistic tyrant hellbent on acquiring nuclear weapons, just for the big-fat-hairy-deal privilege of interviewing that little Iranian twit named Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Mike Wallace wants so badly to be famous that he'll effectively, arguably become evil, himself.

Can you say, "Marching in lockstep with Islamofascism"?

Story here. Do read it all! h/t:

At one point Wallace was trying to get Ahmadinejad to give more concise answers, but Ahmadinejad refused and playfully offered to end the interview. And Wallace said, "I couldn't be happier for the privilege of sitting down with the president of Iran."(...)

Incredible. This is what the MSM has been reduced to. Submission to Islam in exchange for ratings... the truth be damned!

(...) Wallace crossed the line when he asked Ahmadinejad about President Bush and referred to him as the commander-in-chief of the "so-called 'free' world." In this case Wallace explicitly became a propagandist for Iranian tyranny, by endorsing a morally relativistic universe in which maybe Iran is really the free world and America isn't.

Lord in Heaven... an American... calling the President of the United States of America the "commander-in-chief of the "so-called 'free' world." So Mike Wallace doesn't believe we are free, then. I see. Does he believe that Iran is "free", or that once Israel, America, the entire "so-called 'Free World'" and the entire "Anglo-Saxon race" are all wiped out with nuclear bombs, the world will then be free?

The left must be doing cartwheels and summersaults in glee, planning to somehow canonize or saintify Mike Wallace in honor of his exalted, beautiful descent into the dark abyss of Dhimmitude, thus giving comfort to Islamofascism and paving the way for jihadic nuclear armageddon.

Mike Wallace can now join the ranks of the great left-wing moonbats Noam Chomsky and Ward Churchill! Congratulations on your recent Dhimmification, Mikey!