Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Islamic Jihadist Runs Down Pedestrians With SUV In America

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Stories here, here and here. Videos available at third link.

Excerpts from the Northeast Intelligence Network:

--Exclusive: Suspect has at least two Arabic aliases and recently returned from a trip to Afghanistan.

--Exclusive: "...there is a suspicion that Omeed could have received some type of orthodox indoctrination while in Afghanistan...the bride’s family did not want Omeed to return to the US, and attempted to exert pressure and influence against him to abandon his ‘westernized ways.’”- Federal agent, speaking on condition of anonymity

Omeed Aziz POPAL, 29, (also known as Omeed K AZIZ, Omeld K AZIZ, Ohmeed Aziz POPAL according to an investigation conducted by the Northeast Intelligence Network), a native of Afghanistan, began his murderous spree around noon in Fremont, where he hit a man at. Fremont Boulevard and Ferry in Fremont. Upon arrival, officers found a deceased male who had been walking northbound on Fremont in the bicycle lane, when he was struck from behind by a dark-colored Honda Pilot The victim was thrown off the road and pronounced dead at the scene, Fremont police said. Witnesses said the driver did not slow down.

The carnage continued as the driver crossed the bay into San Francisco, where he continued striking pedestrians, injuring at least 14 more people in a series of intentional hit and run incidents that spanned several neighborhoods. The suspect was ultimately boxed in by police officers near Spruce and California, and was ultimately arrested shortly after 1:00 pm at the intersection of California and Laurel after a short chase on foot.

(End excerpts)

Behold... the "Religion of Peace" in the raw! Murder One. Does California have the death penalty? If so, I hope they use it!

Note: the KRON link indicates:

...the suspect has suffered mental problems since returning from a recent trip to Afghanistan.

...or so claims the Jihadist's family. The family, of course! They don't want to admit that one of their own is an Islamic Jihadist.

Hmm... that's since returning from Afghanistan. Apparently he was trained to be a Jihadist. This sort of training apparently screws up the mind.

There is no excuse. No justification. There must be no mitigation. The Jihadist should be executed.

This is the latest act of Jihad in America. And it was directed at Jewish people.

See also Jihad Watch: The man identifies himself to police as a terrorist.


Michelle Malkin has lots more. Recommended!

This quotation at Malkin caught my eye:

This is becoming an appalling habit in the press and by politicians. An Islamic fundamentalist shoots Jews in a Synagogue, and it’s some sort of random incident. An Islamic fundamentalist uses his car to kill people in front of a Synagogue, and in what would appear to be a somewhat “Jewish neighborhood” and the press takes a while to cover the story (probably looking for the appropriate “frame,”) until someone in authority can be found to sing out, “ROAD RAGE”! Yeah, that’s the ticket! Road rage! Mayor Newsom sees no problem, here…a “relatively young” person, obviously confused! Yes, that’s the ticket!

Omeed Aziz Popal, the poor confused youngster, is 29 years old.

Can you imagine, if someone had (God forbid!) driven a car into 14 gay people, how quickly the press would have managed to cover the story? Can you imagine that Mayor Newsom would call it “road rage” and suggest that there really probably wasn’t a “hate crime” attached to the action?

What the hell is wrong with the press, what the hell is wrong with the leadership?

(End quotation) (Was excerpted by Malkin from The Anchoress.)

The man's family claims that he's mentally ill, but:

those involved in the investigation -- speaking on condition of anonymity -- discount any mental illness, saying the 29-year-old Afghanistan native seemed coherent, unrepentant and claimed that he repeatedly drove at pedestrians because he "just wanted to.''


Note the following statement:

“He was absolutely indifferent, no fear, no expression,'’ she said. “He was like a zombie.'’


That sounds a lot like a Jihadist to me.

Many bloggers I've viewed via the trackbacks at Malkin are convinced that this is an act of anti-Semitic terrorism, considering the facts at hand.

And many are also indicating that the MSM is playing down the incident.

I've noticed that police have again been far too quick to deny any terrorism here, without giving any reasons as to why they've done so. Suspicious. I smell cover up.

This isn't over. I'll continue to watch and digest the information as it comes in.

A Jewish blogger comments on the attack. Notes that the man who was killed hasn't been identified.