Wednesday, August 30, 2006

CNN's Kyra Phillips Pees Live During Bush Katrina Speech

Reminds me of a scene from the Naked Gun with Leslie Nielsen's character Detective Frank Drebin taking a really noisy whiz with his mic still on during a press conference. That was so funny...

Now once again, life has imitated art. See also here.

Listen to the video/audio & read the transcript of two ladies taking a weewee and making very personal chitchat.

That's gross... talking to someone else while y'all's doing yer business... if you do that in the mens' room, you run the risk of getting a black eye for being a sick freak... how can girls do this? Eww...

I personally can't hear the audio, but I did notice the one of the President's eyebrows at one point rising quite higher than the other. My, but the man can really keep his composure under the most bizarre situations!

Geez... them loony MSM types!