Friday, August 11, 2006

"Islamic Fascists": Bush Finally IDs the Enemy Properly

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Above: Muslims telling the Free World the truth about the true agenda of Islam and Islamists

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Above: Muslims (Islamofascists) beating a Hindu to death in public... just because he's not a Muslim. Note the calm, religiously dutiful demeanor of the Islamofascists as the Hindu pleads for his life. Source:

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Above: Hamas founder Haj Amin Al-Husseini with Nazi SS Head Heinrich Himmler, at time of World War II

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Above: Al-Husseini inspecting Muslim Nazi troops, WWII

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Above: Muslims demonstrating true Islamism in the raw

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Above: two gay men being hanged because Islam requires that homosexuals be put to death... period. Related TCS post

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Above: a Christian youth being brutally beaten by Muslims simply because he's Christian. Note the feet of the Muslim with the big stick: he's leaping into the air so as to be able to bring the stick down upon the Christian with as much force as possible. This is a "religion" of tolerance and peace?

Is this a "religion" of tolerance and peace?

And never forget what the Islamofascists did on 9/11 and understand that they're going to do it again:

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Would a "peaceful" people do this totally without provocation... and only because their so-called "religion" mandates that they do so?

This is the enemy. This is who we're fighting. Take notice and get used to it. Because the enemy will not stop until brought to its knees in pure defeat.

Forget "diplomacy"; it is irrelevant, as only "Allah" deems that which shall be as far as Muslims are to be concerned. And remember that Islamofascists only care about what Allah requires of them. What we "Kaffirs" want is of no consequence to them.

As far as they're concerned, we must become one of the following: Muslims, slaves or dead. It's written clearly in the Koran.

"Islamic Fascists".

That's the enemy. Gone now are the days in which we spoke simply of the "war on terror" without having the moral fortitude to point the finger at precisely who we meant.

Nothing new, however, for The Canadian Sentinel: I've been using the term "Islamofascists" since day one. For it's the correct term. After all, what better word to use to describe Islamists who live by the doctrine that only Muslims deserve to live? By the doctrine that women are not human and therefore have no rights whatsoever, effectively rendering them the "property" of men, entailing the men are to do with them as they please, no matter what their "pleasure", be it sexual or sadistic. The list goes on and on, according to the dogmas of Islam as written in the Koran.

And, by the way, I say to leftists in the Free World: don't bother to call me a liar, "hateful", accuse me of making this up or call me by the stupid term "Islamophobe", for your own people are well-known to utter malicious falsehoods about conservatives, Christians, Jews, Israel, people who believe in freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights above all else and those who stand up and fight for the great gifts we have in the Free World, fighting to the death those who want to end it all and turn this planet into the sort of thing as seen in the pictures above.

Knowing the enemy and defeating them is better than being a slave or being dead. This is my position. What's yours?