Sunday, August 27, 2006

eBay Joins Leftist Attack Campaign on Homeschooling

Is EBay coming out of the closet as a malevolently powerful leftist organization, as Google already has?

Story here.

(Emphasis mine)

eBay prohibits textbooks for homeschool teachers

Lumps them with illegal drugs, bootleg recordings,prompting avalanche of complaints from customers

"Really the homeschooling community is a huge participant in eBay when you get to thinking about it," said one customer who was identified as "Angelwings" on an eBay blog. "We buy textbooks naturally but we also purchase items like microscopes, slides, globes, maps, manipulatives, educational games, reading books, supplies for our classrooms … stickers, idea books, folders, sheet protectors, school supplies, software, educational movies, models, post cards … the list is enormous."


"They told me that it fell under their heading of 'illegal, dangerous, offensive, or potentially infringing,'" she said. "What are they thinking? I have a mess of curriculum here that I can't sell, and needing money from it to buy curriculum for the new school year."

If this isn't evidence of a leftist campaign to discourage or cause the extinction of homeschooling, then what is it? Does the left believe that homeschooling is evil because it doesn't necessarily conform to what the left wants to be taught in schools and which the left, via its power brokers within the state apparatus, is succeeding in having added to mandatory curricula?

And this comes on the heels of this post I did recently about a public school inexplicably forcing children to march in an "XXX-rated" gay "pride" parade. Hmm... public schools imposing such radical, uncalled-for "teaching" combined with an attempt by the left to crackdown on homeschooling... draw your own conclusions, keeping in mind that these incidents are by no means isolated. I've seen other examples of this sort of thing and will be watching for more.

The left must be opposed in its attempts to Machiavellianly, insidiously, stealthily, undemocratically reengineer Free World society according to its own bizarre, dogmatic doctrines.

The left will pooh-pooh this post, citing eBay's authoritarian policy, arrogantly claiming that it's somehow "proper" and saying I'm fullashit for highlighting this apparent attempt at social reengineering and infringement on the civil rights of parents who homeschool their children, which is perfectly legal and has been done since time immemorial (like traditional opposite-sex marriage, which, btw, the left apparently, effectively generally opposes and wants to extend to whomever wishes to call themselves "married").

Just because the MSM isn't warning the people about this sort of stealthy, insidious left-wing power imposition by ideological extremists doesn't mean that it isn't happening. Leftists will naturally deny it. And don't forget that the MSM is, after all, in on it all, doing its part to further the very obvious, vast leftist agenda.

And, last but not least, I advise leftists to remember that their moonbat queen and likely Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (Slick Willy's old ball and chain) has claimed some kind of a "vast, right-wing conspiracy", yet you don't dismiss her, so think twice before automatically slamming this post as whatever you're wont to deem it.

UPDATE: More info & musings:

I would also draw attention to the following:

One blogger noted that public school interests have been opposing homeschooling more and more, as homeschooling has grown substantially in recent years. Recent estimates have put homeschool attendance in the U.S. at more than 2.5 million. And the same comment noted book publishers also dislike having the products re-sold.

Sounds to me like eBay was indeed likely pressured.

Homeschooling is apparently growing. Why? I'd surmise that more and more parents are wary of the increasing leftist slant and dogmatism evident in public school curricula, like, for example, teaching about various bizarre sex acts that have nothing to do with the real goal of proper "sex ed" of preventing pregnancy or STDs, teaching kids to "be Muslims", etc... all of which take away from the intellectual development of children via progressively pervasive leftoideological indoctrination.

So is it any surprise that the forces of leftism would want to try and put a stop to the increase in homeschooling? Pressuring companies like eBay is one way they can do this. And it's perfectly legitimate to ask whether this is the real reason for eBay's sudden action which mostly hurts homeschooling parents.

Leftists, I believe, see homeschooling as a threat to their efforts to reengineer society via the forcible indoctrination of children in public schools in their dogmatic doctrines, regardless of parental approval or disapproval. We've heard countless reports of fights between school boards and parents' groups over the teaching of radical, controversial and arguably leftist "values" and dogmas, after all. And I see this war intensifying in the future.

Many parents see homeschooling as their only alternative, short of private schools with strict curricula meeting their approval (which would be too expensive for many parents), so they opt to teach their own children themselves. Why not? It's their right to do so. It's consistent with the value of freedom, upon which the Free World is founded, after all. So why do leftists want to take away this right? Strange... leftists are always screaming about their supposed rights being violated, yet they're fine with taking away the rights of folks who don't agree with their values. Therefore, leftists are hypocrites. Hence my continuing to expose their hypocrisy, inconsistencies and other undesirable behavior to the light of day.

Those leftists... again wanting the state to control people. Control what they think, what they're taught, how they're raised (oh, and don't forget the Canadian leftist campaign to promote state institution-run daycare and financially discourage raising children at home, in the family -recall the Liberals' "beer and popcorn" epithet against stay-at-home moms and dads!), like some kind of authoritarian communists. And I reject authoritarianism and communism as inconsistent with freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights, each of which, sometimes, leftists don't seem to believe in at all (as they sometimes are inconvenient or are obstacles to the radically extreme, often-statist agenda of the left)!

As for evidence supporting my contention that there's a significant left-wing campaign against homeschooling, I'd say to commentor Maryjane that there's quite a few links to stories about this campaign at the end of the WND article. I believe that this campaign bears a striking resemblance to all sorts of leftist campaigns we've seen and are seeing, like, for example, the relatively sudden, hysterical leftist push towards gay marriage.