Friday, August 18, 2006

Latest MidEast Info

Israel alarm at UN force members (h/t:

Israel says it would be "difficult if not inconceivable" to accept nations which do not recognise its right to exist as part of a UN force in Lebanon.

---What the hell is the UN thinking, including anti-Israel troops in an international forces' presence? This will only make things worse.

Bloody UN... ever-stupid! Ever-worthless! Time to scrap the UN and replace it with the United Democratic Nations!

Evil empires/regimes shall have no right to membership, nor any right to have their interests heard.

That is my position. We must discriminate against evil regimes with maximum prejudice. Appeasing them will only make them more aggressive, more arrogant... and more dangerous.

Disarm Hezbollah? Not a chance, soldiers say

Lebanese troops admit they're not up to task assigned by the UN

---Ceasefire? What ceasefire? You mean like the millions of ceasefires and truces between Israel and the supremacistic, genocidal Arab-Muslim aggressors?