Friday, August 04, 2006

Heather Reisman Quits Liberals, Joins Tories

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Yep; she quit the Liebrano$$$ and has joined Stephen Harper's Conservatives. She, a Jewish person and lifelong Liberal, no longer supports the Liberals.

Why? Because of the differing stances on Israel and the Middle East of the Liberals and the Conservatives.

And that's just the beginning. Her husband, Liberal Gerry Schwartz, also supports the Conservative government's position on the Middle East.

Like I said in a recent post, the time has come for Jewish people to leave the Liberal Party of Canada as the LPC doesn't seem to care much for Israel, seeing as it pretty much always had its rep to the UN vote to condemn Israel time after time after time, even when it's been clear that the Islamists were to blame, not Israel.

No one wants a government that bases the foreign policy of Canada on whatever the evil-states-manipulated/controlled UN says. Such would indicate a lack of national sovereignty as to foreign affairs policy, and the Liberal f.a. policies while in power were exceedingly leftist, Dhimmi and anti-Israel, as well as being anti-American, which makes today's Liberal accusations against the Harper Conservatives of being "in lockstep with America" suspect. They claim that just because we, like America, support Israel, it's only because America does... but that's utterly absurd, but is that any surprise? Absurdity is the Liberals' stock in trade. Remember the promise to scrap the Charter's "Notwithstanding Clause", blurted out by then-PM Martin? Remember Martin's contention that property rights would lead to "child labor"? And always remember that the Liberals never make the case for their policies; rather, they implement a campaign of demagoguic sloganeering to curry favor with overworked, easy-to-manipulate Canadians. Fortunately, this practice had a limited shelf life! Thank goodness the Liebrano$$$ are dead in the water and sinking...