Friday, August 04, 2006

Mel Gibson's Bodyguard An Israeli Jew; Publicist Jewish Too

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Interesting, isn't it? First we hear of Mel Gibson's drunken-insane utterances directed at Jewry. Now we find out that his bodyguard of the past decade is Jewish, is from Israel and might've been with the Mossad.

Turns out Mel's publicist is also Jewish.

And don't forget Mel vehemently denies being anti-Semite, despite his wholly unacceptable utterances. And he's declared his intention to repent and heal, appealing directly to Jewish people for help.

So I'm having trouble believing that Mel is actually anti-Semite. Bear in mind that his father is, and has always made a point of uttering exactly the same bullshit about Jews as Mel did under the influence of alcohol, being arrested and whatever internal demons have messed him up in the head. It's possible that some part of his brain had stored the vile invective he received from his father over so many years had suddenly opened up and spewed its contents... and Mel couldn't control it. For that he certainly needs help; help to exorcise that demon. Perhaps it's possible to have such words floating around inside one's head, despite not believing in those words... like having a tune on one's mind one can't get rid of...

Of course I fully condemn Mel's utterances at the time of his apprehension, but, come on... look at the facts countering one's apprehension that he might be an anti-Semite. I therefore doubt he is.

He is, after all, clearly wholly mortified, mortally humiliated that he could say such crap and wants to get it out of his psyche... damn his father for putting such crap there in the first place!

Besides, Arnold Schwarzenegger's father was actually a member of the Nazi Party, but Arnie is clearly not an anti-Semite. For he knows full well that he'd never, never have ever gotten out of Europe and moved to America if it weren't for a Jewish friend of his who pulled strings for him.

I don't believe that the sins of the father apply to the son. If the son can resist the incessant propaganda to which he is exposed by his own father, then the son hasn't sinned as has his father.

Doubt is healthy. And I doubt that Mel Gibson is an anti-Semite. But he still needs to come to terms with his past, with the reality of his exposure to anti-Semitism and other things. Good luck to Mel with his healing.

And remember, actions speak louder than words. We've all said things we didn't mean when we were suffering extraordinary stress and such. I certainly have, to, for example, family members, as they have to me. But our actions speak to the truth. Saying something doesn't make something so.

We must judge, not by a few words, but by actions. And by disavowal of wrong words and by genuine repentance for wrong utterances.

Just my two cents at this point in time.

Yourself? What're your thoughts now?