Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ethnic Violence Erupts. Police Do Nothing.

In the MidEast? No.

In Africa? No.

Where, then?

In Canada.

I did not make this up.

The ongoing peace process (...) turned violent early Monday.

"Peace process"?! Damn... we've come to the point in Canada where we're talking about "peace processes" right here in Canada! WTF?!

Hmm... sounds like something that's been going on even longer than this... in something most properly called the "Disputed Territories", also known as "Gaza" and the "West Bank".

Harwood said about 40 residents gathered in opposition to the aboriginal protesters shortly after midnight.

That number quickly grew to 100 residents, and that's when the projectiles started to fly.

Hmm... we recall a recent incident in Grand Manan, New Brunswick, a tiny island with drug dealers who have long been left alone by police, forcing citizens of the beautiful little tourist attraction to take the law into thier own hands. Of course the police stood by and did absolutely nothing, being outnumbered about ten to one.

(Note to Canadians: we don't have enough police officers)

...residents say they're living in fear because of the ongoing occupation.

Oh, yes. This is happening in Canada. Believe it or freaking not!

Law and order is dead in Canada.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is irrelevant in Canada.

The Ontario Provincial Police and the Dalton McGuinty Liberals in power in Ontario are responsible for this lawlessness and situation of racial preference for one group over all others.

Those who think I'm nuts are totally oblivious as to what is actually happening right here in Canada.... as the "mainstream media" is simply more or less covering it up, hoping it'll just go away naturally or something. Well, that ain't gonna happen, folks! For when you surrender the right to enforce the law and enforce the equality guarantees of the Charter, then those deriving benefit therefrom will only become more and more aggressive, precisely like the Islamic jihadists all over the world.

Canada now has its own "Palestine", its own disputed territories. And, as we've seen with the Ontario Liberals, something I coined as "ethnic cleansing with compensation" is also happening in Caledonia, with the Liberals offerring to buy off the residents by purchasing their homes.

Shades of the eviction of Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip, which immediately was seized by the jihadists, including Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists, for the purpose of launching missile strikes upon Israel months ago, largely ignored by the world and the MSM and the UN... thus starting the current war of self-defence by Israel (just like 1967 all over again) which spilled over into Lebanon, where the Lebanese government has long allowed Hezbollah to operate and grow, aiding and abetting the jihadist organization, much like the Taliban in Afghanistan aided and abetted Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden, which led to the 9/11 attacks on America and the subsequent multinational invasion and occupation to rout the Taliban and which necessarily continues to this day to prevent the remaining Taliban monsters from once again taking over the country to naturally rebuild their brutal theocracy and jihadist training camps...

Oh, yes... in Canada.

Thank "Liberals" and other leftists everywhere in this nation for what their dangerous ideology has wrought.