Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Arnold Goes Bananas, Abandons Conservatism, Morality

Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger once made a little-heard-of movie titled "Hercules Goes Bananas". Back then he called himself "Arnold Stang".

Well, real life has just imitated fantasy, unfortunately. Arnold has gone bananas, and there's nothing funny about this, particularly for conservatives who thought Arnold was one of us.

Read the story here.

And draw your own conclusions.

Sorry, Arnold, but I'll no longer be supporting you as a politician. I hope you get back to making movies, where you can't do any damage to America. And thank goodness you cannot become President.

I am disappointed. What you have done is bananas, to say the least and, I believe, unconstitutional.

You should've stuck with the principle that what is private should stay private. But you chose to combine that which is essentially private with the state.

Is winning at all costs really the right thing all the time? I thought you said that strength is not about winning?

Well, Arnold himself once had an idol named Reg Park, who himself also played Hercules. But then Arnold went on to defeat his idol in competition.

Well, I feel that Arnold has now defeated himself.