Monday, August 14, 2006

Pollster's Findings Contradict Other Pollster's Findings on PM's Israel Stance

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Looks like the Strategic Counsel polling firm must've screwed up or something. Compass has come out with its own polling indicating that most Canadians overwhelmingly support Prime Minister Harper's pro-Israel stance.

Read the whole thing for yourself.

And ask: why are there two different polling firms giving very strongly contradictory results?

COMPASS pollster Conrad Winn says about his rival's polling techniques:

"The Globe poll didn't really ask a fair and unambiguous question," said COMPAS President Conrad Winn.

"It has a little bit of a negative tone to it. 'Actions' is a troublesome word," he said, adding that asking a question about Israeli "policy" would have been fairer.

Mr. Winn said complex issues about foreign policy can't be reduced to a single question.

"Most Canadians don't have a lot of facts about foreign policy at their fingertips," he said.

That's one for the pollster guys to deal with. Bet the ones who like the Strategic Counsel will have their work cut out for them.

Once again I say: of course it's possible for pollsters to be dishonest, disingenuous, manipulative or on the take, not that I'm pointing any fingers at any polling firms in particular.

And it's certainly also possible for a polling firm, as with any firm of any kind, to be stupid and/or incompetent.

Not that I'm pointing any fingers. I'm not allowed to point fingers.

Make up your own mind for yourself.