Friday, August 04, 2006

Police Made "Deal" With Rapist of Children

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The monster, Peter Whitmore

Infuriating story here. h/t:

Don't negotiate with monsters.

I can't say it more clearly than this: We ought to execute such monsters.

By what authority do the police make deals to not declare dangerous offenders dangerous offenders?! Isn't that a matter for the courts? The monster must necessarily be put away for life at the very least!
Granted, the police themselves cannot make it so that there won't be a declaration of the monster as being a dangerous offender, which would then make it legally possible to throw this garbage away forever, but the very idea that they'd negotiate... is reprehensible. A proper negotiation would be along the lines of "Come out with your hands up right now and maybe we won't pump you full of metal..."

It's the same as refusing to call a piece of shit a piece of shit or a terrorist a terrorist.
Besides, we don't negotiate with terrorists. Why should we negotiate with rapists? Rapists are terrorists, too, after all!

Then again, it's the courts who refused to really shut this piece of shit away for a long time, perhaps forever. It's the fault of both the monster and the courts what has happened each time he got out.

What's happening to our police forces in Canada? First the OPP won't enforce the law, disobeying a direct order from a judge... now this?!

What are leftist politicians doing to our police forces? Turning them into sissies brainwashed with political correctness? Does one have to be a submissive leftist in order to be admitted into the academy these days, as seems to be the case with teachers?

We need Dirty Harry types. We need Charles Bronson types. We need John Wayne types. We need Bruce Willis types .

We don't need Pee-Wee Herman types. We don't need Barney the Dinosaur types. We don't need Tinky Winky types.

Toss the doughnuts and arrest the f**kers... shoot if you must, else they just might shoot you! Oh, wait... they do!

(Please note: I don't mean to offend any real police officers who do the right thing no matter what. I certainly don't mean to offend real police officers who would obey an order to enforce the law and tell politicians to feck off if they tell them not to do their jobs. I don't mean to offend real police officers who would rather quit than be forced to stand, doing absolutely nothing, as so-called "First Nations" terrorists drag American border patrol officers out of their vehicle, beat them, steal the vehicle and attempt to run over another officer.)

Something is wrong with Canada when the police are doing that which they have at the link above.
BTW, to the leftists, the brainless moonbats who would prefer to let him go free yet again for whatever bullshit "reason" they cite: I say stuff it.

After all, if you f**kers get your way, your children may be his next victims. But then again, according to the "religion" of leftism, the human rights of this monster are more important than the human rights of your very own children, right?

Let's bring back the real cops! Fill the evildoers with the fear and terror that stems from an understanding that they will experience that which is prescribed by law!

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