Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Liberals Divided, Losing Jewish Support

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Hmm... why am I not surprised? Of course the Liebrano$ are divided into two halves or even more pieces. And the infighting shows no signs of letting up. It's like the Hatfields and the McCoys or the "War of the Roses"or something like that. Why don't they just get a divorce, anyway? They do believe in divorce, after all... for it was they who liberalized Canada's divorce laws in the first place, sending the message that folks can go ahead and get married without any long-term worries, for getting a divorce would be a piece of cake... no wonder today so many folks not belonging together get married and soon thereafter get divorced (including gays who probably only got married to show that they, too could)... yep, good idea... now, Liebrano$, it's your turn. Break up. End the whole thing. Nobody cares. Just do it!

As for the loss of Jewish support, it's long overdue. I witnessed the Liebrano$ send their little underling to the UN to vote in favor of resolution after resolution condemning Israel for exercising restrained self-defence. And now that the Conservatives have taken the correct, principled, morally-right stance in favor of Israel and against the hateful, murderous Hezbollah, the ball is now rolling faster...

As for the Liebrano$' attitude, they say:

Party officials noted that the Liberal position on the Middle East is exactly the same as it has always been, and it is Mr. Harper who has shifted emphasis.

Come again? "Shifted emphasis"? Whatever does that mean? They don't say. Mr. Harper has always supported Israel. Therefore there's no "shift" in that matter. Whoever knows what Liebrano$ are talking about, anyway?

Moreover, they say, emotions will calm and voters of all stripes will realize that the Liberal Party continues to be the best party to broker internal Canadian opinion. The complexity of the issue means the government's response cannot be black or white, they insist.

Still have no bloody inkling what the feck they're trying to communicate there. Nevertheless, just listen to 'em. They continue, despite being wholly disgraced as a greedy criminal organization that moved to the moonbat left in the last election, to believe that Canadians still have positive feelings about them. Sure, and folks still feel the same about Mel Gibson, notwithstanding his incredibly stupid anti-Semitic utterances!

And the Liebrano$ are dead wrong: of course sometimes the government's response must be unequivocal. Right-thinking Canadians know that Hezbollah must be crushed for once and for all, and our government must take the correct stance, and it has... but only since it's a principled, Conservative government. The Liebrano$ would just condemn Israel at the UN while back in Canada they give us the standard BS psychobabble about taking a "balanced approach" or about "being even-handed, not taking sides". Scary. The Liebrano$ just don't believe in favoring good over evil; they don't wanna take sides!

Ewwww! Liebrano$$$!