Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Some APA Psychiatrists On Same Page As Sentinel on "Conversion"

Recall the post I did last month.

It partly concerned the issue of helping gay folks who want to be straight to become straight.

That sparked some debate in the comments.

Well, now we have this report, with actual APA psyciatrists, including the very one who pushed in the first place to have homosexuality arbitrarily deemed as "not changeable", now declaring that they've ample evidence that gays can become straight.

(...) Dr. Robert Spitzer -- the psychiatrist who led the effort in 1973 to remove homosexuality from the APA's list of psychological disorders -- has since changed his position, based on his research into successful conversion therapies.


"Contrary to conventioned [sic] wisdom," Spitzer said in a statement, "some highly motivated individuals, using a variety of change efforts, can make substantial change in multiple indicators of sexual orientation."


"[The APA is] discouraging research and then saying there is no research," he added. "They are politically discouraging research, but in fact, in spite of their efforts, there is research. The APA is not being honest when they say there is no research."

(...) "[P]atients should have the right to explore their
heterosexual potential."

...So the Canadian Sentinel is not alone in the arguments made in last month's post. The psychiatric profession is contradicting the arrogantly dictatorial APA on whether folks can change their sexual orientation.

Politically incorrect to say this stuff? Maybe. But I'm just tired of folks telling us that folks are necessarily born one way or another, in the absence of credible, wholly unbiased, proven-to-not-be-a-hoax scientific proof thereof.

What does this mean? It means that the standard argument used to justify homosexuality as something inherited in the womb and which is unchangeable no longer has the impact it once did in the days of political correctness' power to manipulate the mind of the average person into believing whatever the left wanted them to believe. Folks tend to believe something is so just because they hear so often and from so many folks that something is so... like, for example, the false claim of Islam being a "religion of tolerance, love and peace", which I have disproven over and over again on this blog.

Why do I do this post? Because I'm concerned that there are many folks who have been manipulated by unethical gay people into converting to that lifestyle. There are indeed folks who are suffering all kinds of stress, all kinds of mental and emotional difficulties, including confusion. These folks often seek the comfort of easy "answers", even false, dogmatic ones (like folks who become Muslims, in my opinion). It is, after all, human nature to seek a direction, something to focus on, so they won't be directionless, confused, searching for "meaning"... and I contend that "going that way" might actually be that "false answer" for a lot of folks who decided to be gay.

Do I have a problem with gay people? Absolutely not! But I can see what's going on. I witness people in their behavior. I listen to what they say. I can see patterns which lead to analyses and conclusions, much like a scientific researcher, except society is my laboratory and watching folks in real-life situations is the experiment in which I gather data and store it in my grey matter. And, hey, yes, all I can do is claim to have done this "experiment"... but that's the same as with the scientists we've heard about who claimed to have done studies and come to a "final" conclusion of absolute proof that gays are born that way, which was always grabbed upon by the MSM and trumpeted as if the truth, which was never independently verified... only blindly accepted as true in the name of either political correctness or dogmatic ideology.

Admit it... you think about stuff also, with a critical mind, but are afraid to point out what you've figured out for fear of getting the Christopher Columbus or Winston Churchill treatment at the hands of those who prefer to stick to polite, if possibly false, dogmas.

There's nothing wrong with being on either side of the fence, if you know what I mean. But it is, in my view, indeed wrong to lie to people about whether they have to be on one side or another. The apparent truth is that it is ultimately up to the individual to choose. And common intellectual sense indicates that it is a matter of choice.

Tell me: what's so horrible about admitting that it's a matter of choice; that it might not be genetically programmed at all? Should people just make like the three famous monkeys (see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil) and sing the inane tune "they're all born that way... period... it's settled... so shut up!"?

I also ask: isn't it also possible that there are gay folks who want to "recruit" more and more people with propaganda so as to themselves feel better simply by having more folks who go the same way? I think that this is sometimes happening, and it is indeed wrong to make false statements to manipulate impressionable people, particularly youths, into doing something they might otherwise not make a commitment to do.

I bet the comments section is going to attract a couple of moonbats, possibly to accuse me of "hate" or something. But only a stupid person or a person who fails to understand my arguments and points would do that.

So go ahead and discuss if you wish.