Sunday, August 20, 2006

More Evidence of Leftist Discrimination Against Conservatives

Recall this TCS post about the discrimination suffered by popular, successful radio commentator Rush Limbaugh just because he's conservative.

Now read this story about the Democrat who relentlessly went after Mr. Limbaugh for a crime he didn't commit and which isn't even considered serious by prosecutors anyway and is rarely ever prosecuted.

Note how he refuses to go after a wealthy, connected Democrat for having sex with children, instead attempting to merely charge him with solicitation.

Far as I'm concerned, this is yet more proof that many leftists are hellbent on hurting conservatives at every opportunity they find while bending over backwards to absolve other leftists of their real, serious crimes, like the Democrat pedophile in the story, like Bill Clinton for his various sex-related offences and his lying to the nation, like Ted Kennedy for drunk driving and homicide...

I believe we'll be hearing more about stuff like this.