Friday, August 18, 2006

Leftist State Apparatus Continues Crackdown on Christianity

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A few more court decisions like this week's over a display of a Bible in Houston and the United States will be approaching the "China-level" for Christian persecution, according to a leader in the midst of that battle.

The ruling from the Fifth Court of Appeals said the display of a Bible on public ground in Houston to honor the founder of a mission has to go, not because it was unconstitutional itself, but because it became unconstitutional when a Christian group rallied around it.

Oh? Really? In America, religion, association, assembly and expression are unconstitutional?

The "court" says so? My-o-my... now the leftist state apparatus of the United States is, just like the Canadian one, declaring that the Constitution does not support what we know it does.

So a religious group cannot have a little tiny monument of their holy book in public, cannot gather around it and cannot make any religious expressions whatsoever?

This is what the "court" is declaring?

The pastor's group said that means any monument, building, or even feature of nature is an illegal "establishment of religion" if a church ceremony is held there.


"Any kind of an event is okay, as long as you didn't express any religious faith. What is that telling you?

"We're not persecuted yet, we know that. But we're on our way there. Add that to the surprising acceptance of militant Islam, the fear of speaking against that from a Christian standpoint and then we're dangerously approaching the point where we have literally given away and yielded our freedoms that were earned," Welch said.


"The ramifications of this tortured decision are breath-taking and without any historic or legitimate Constitutional rationale," said the pastors' organization. "For the court to state that if a private citizen exercises his or her First Amendment rights of religious expression and assembly on public property, that any monument, building or fixed item of any kind that contains religious references becomes 'establishment of religion' is simply irrational."

Let me get this straight: the courts permit public parades based on sexual preference, which include nudity, which isn't supported by either the Constitution nor by law. The courts permit left-wing extremists to have public parades in which there are people commiting treason against the United States of America and its President in uttering the malevolent, prejudice-based hatred and incitement to all kinds of violence... my site is rife with this sort of moonbattery, which is clearly supported very much by the leftist state apparatus. And then there are Islamofascists marching down the streets, chanting slogans like "down, down America", "freedom go to hell", "Islam will dominate the world", "behead those who insult Islam", banners supporting terrorism and calling for the destruction of Israel... you name it... and it's all allowed by the state, including the "courts", who themselves forbid religious symbols, assembly and expression in public.

When will the "courts" get around to declaring that rainbow flags are also unconstitutional (hell, the "judges" can make up any insane, illogical, wrong and mean-spirited bullshit ruling they want and get away with it) and call for the abolition of mosques and all evidence of Islam? When will the "courts" ban the wearing of the burqha and the hijab? When will they ban turbans?

Why do the "courts" only single out Christians and Christianity for this kind of discrimination?

And remember, this isn't an isolated incident. My blog is searchable. See the little search box in the upper left area? Try entering words like "Christian" and "Christianity" to find some posts of mine about the worldwide crackdown on Christiantiy... as well as on Judaism.

All of this is happening at the same time as the leftist state apparatus is boosting, elevating, exalting, canonizing, sexual minorities, radical perversions and Islamic fundamentalism.

Want to see more of this extremist moonbat/Islamofascist activity... in public?

Once again I direct readers to this site:

Why is it "unconstitutional" to have a bible monument in a public place and for Christians to gather around it and say peaceful, non-imposing, non-harmful-to-others words... but the following is permitted, even encouraged by the state?

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Is all of this "constitutional"? Where in the American Constitution can we find the declarations that these things above are "constitutional" but if Christians were to do the same sort of thing, like with Bibles, Crucifixes, Nativity Scenes, and Churches, it's "unconstitutional"?

Are the American "courts" hellbent on the elimination of Christianity? As the Nazis and the Muslim fundamentalists have always been hellbent on the elimination of Judaism?

And why do the "courts" seem also to want to elevate homosexuality, as they do Islam, high above Christianity?

What is the real agenda of the American legal system?

This is frightening, particularly if one is a straight Christian or Jewish person.

Who runs America? The left? Gays? Islamofascists?

Who is in charge?