Sunday, August 13, 2006

UK Plane Bombing Plot Likely Only Part of Larger Operation

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NEIN reports:

(...)FBI is searching for terror operatives related to the UK based plot who are already present inside the United States and possibly Canada.


Late last week, law enforcement sources confirmed to at least one media outlet that “[there are] new leads that involve a possible connection between people in the United States, in major east coast cities, and the London bomb plotters.” One intelligence official who spoke to the Northeast Intelligence Network on the condition of anonymity cautioned that the UK plane plot “is not likely to be the only event planned by the terrorists and might be part of a larger operation involving a series of events.” According to this federal source, some of those events appear to involve Middle Eastern males inside the US and Canada, “some who are acting as handlers and others who will actually carry out planned attacks.” (My emphasis added)

Be warned. Be aware. Keep your powder dry.

Stand on guard for thee.