Monday, August 07, 2006

Liberals Walk Away from Jews, Towards Hezbollah

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Story here. h/t: commentor Tomax7

Ted Byfield:

If the Liberals are in the course of trading in the strong support they have so long received from the Canadian Jewish community, on the vague expectation of replacement support from new Muslim immigrants, they are making a serious mistake.

Yet, this seems to be the path they're taking -- or rather, wandering down -- and last week they saw the first evidence of the consequences.

(Read the article to find out about these "consequences" for the Liebrano$$$' apparent rejection/writing-off of Israel and of Jewish people and their support)

When it became evident opposing the Americans meant opposing Israel, Jewish people in Canada began wondering why they were backing the Liberal party.


In other words, could a vote for the Liberals be portrayed as a vote for their friends, the Hezbollah?

You betcha! And they shot themselves in the foot! Leftism as a winning political strategy cannot always work. And it's not working anymore. The optics now are that Liebrano$$$ are turning their backs on Israel and Jews in favor of the hateful, supremacistic, imperialistic, genocidal, draw-first-blood-for-the-glory-of-Allah-and-to-spark-international-jihad-with-Kaffirs (non-Muslim "infidels") Hezbollah and its supporters. If that's the strategy they think is going to be the magic mathematical formula for victory no matter what the cost, then that's the grave error they're making on their own accord.

Is this what Liebrano$$$ mean when they talk about what they claim are "Canadian values"? Well, I say: Dhimmitude is NOT a Canadian value. Jihad is NOT a Canadian value. The most fundamental Canadian values of all are freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights. Marching in lockstep with the Axis-controlled, rabidly anti-Semitic United Nations is NOT a Canadian value. Apparently, however, it IS a "Liberal" "value"...

How can any reasonable Canadian voter support a party, the Liberal Party of Canada, or the NDP or the Bloc Quebecois, that writes off an entire nation and an entire people?

Isn't it just a pity that the Liebrano$$$ have no choice? They can't suddenly become pro-Israeli and anti-jihad as it'd make them look like crass political opportunists, rather than a principled party that does the right things and takes the right positions regardless of what polls will say about their resultant popularity numbers...

Too bad it's simply too late for the Liebrano$$$ to change their minds. They've already announced to Canada and the world what kind of people they really are, where their loyalties lie and what their moral philosophy is.

Read the whole article. It's Ted Byfield at his best yet again!

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