Monday, August 14, 2006

Iran's Ahmadinejad Launches Blog

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: The World's First Blogging Super Tyrant

Well, now I've seen it all. A nuclear madman, hellbent on the destruction of the world, just launched, not a bomb, but a blog...

h/t: National Terror Alert
There's an English version. Look to the upper right, at the flags. There's a defaced American flag along with other flags. Click it for English.
There's a poll. Asks if the US and Israel are "pulling the trigger" for a World War with the conflict in Lebanon. I voted no, which is what he doesn't want us to do, nor wants to hear. Guess what? 65% said no! His "own" people are telling him "no", but that won't matter. Only Allah's imaginary will matters to this fuzzy-faced scumpile.
He appears to be quite full of himself, as well as being full of shit.
Well, I haven't "anal"yzed this verbal diarrhea, but have at it if you will. It's on his site, too.
This is scary... I feel as if I'm reading Hitler's blog, if he had had one. Scary.

I left a comment in English and have copied it for all to see for themselves:

(Warning: extremely offensive language, but it is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's blog... and I wanted to make the comment really good! However, it's slightly edited for non-scumbag consumption... the scumbag gets the full monte)

Go f*** yourself, Momo, you filthy Islamofascist pig.

You are lesser than a speck of shit on the sole of a monkey's foot

You are lower than my shoes... after I've walked in canine excrement.

I fart wetly upon your mangy beard, you malevolent baboon a$$hole

You and Islam will fail.

The Free World will prevail.

If you think otherwise, then you are f***ing retarded

A question: does killing entire groups of folks who are different from you actually compensate for having an embarrassingly small p*n*s?

Or are you just some kind of closet homosexual pedophile trying to sound macho so no one will suspect your true nature?

Sincerely, The Canadian Sentinel

Yeah! I hope he gets someone to translate it for him!

Well, I clicked the "post comment" button.

It's probably being held for moderation. But of course! These guys don't want us to just say anything we want, after all... probably get deleted, but I hope he reads it!
Ironically, Momo has previously cracked down on civilian bloggers. Guess only he himself is allowed to impose his bullshit upon the world...
UPDATE: I just clicked on the link again, this next day... and the site is gone... replaced with something wholly different in Arabic.
Wonder what's up with that?
Stupid Islamofascists...
Maybe I spooked poor li'l Mahmo?
Maybe they didn't want us Westerners reading that self-congratulatory, pro-Khomeini, anti-Shah, totally-fullashit verbal butt splattery... it could give the stinking bums' war strategy away or expose them further or something...
Hey, Momo... big, tough man... whassamattah? You afraid? Ohhh, poor little baby! Oh, and, again: you're going down, man... there ain't no Allah, no Paradise, no virgins... you're going to Hell... to join Zarqawi and his 72 big, fat, hairy gay demon jail keepers...
UPDATE 2: Ahmadinejad's site is up again!
If you want to leave a comment there, knock yourself out! Don't hold back; don't pull your punches! Give 'im the full monte! Tell 'im what you think of him!
I just did... again! See my comments section for the commentary I left. Doesn't seem to be passing moderation, though. Probably 'cause the effers don't understand English or dirty English words.
Or at least keep trying... they seem to have an obsolete server that's often busy. Seems they're bush during our daytime hours and less so during our dinnertime/evening hours.
Go tell the m-f'er off!
Be a part of history!
Stand up for the Free World!
Speak up for freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights!
Let's roll!