Monday, August 07, 2006

Jamaat ud Dawa: "Charity" Front or Terrorist Organization?

Fresh on the heels of linking to counterterrorist blogger CP's recent post exposing yet another Jamaat ul Fuqra terror training compound in America, I suddenly found myself once again bitten by the bug of researching and exposing terrorists, wherever they may be, whoever they are.

Well, guess what? I've found another "Jamaat". This time it's Jamaat ud Dawa.

What is this Jamaat ud Dawa?

Well, for starters, here's their official website. My, but it sounds very nice and non-threatening to us non-Muslims, doesn't it? They claim to be wholly opposed to terrorism and actually denounce terrorism as terrorism.

Here's the link to their introduction to themselves.

They claim to be a movement founded in 1985 by "by Islamic scholars and reformers of great distinction". As for whether they're telling the truth, I'll deal with that a little further down in this post.

The Jamaat also, in their introduction, claims:

Jama’at-ad-Da’wah has always carried out its activities peacefully . Not only did the Jama’at participate in any violent demonstrations, it has always tried to educate the public against such violence. Jama’at-ad-Da’wah does not believe in armed struggle against Muslim rulers in Islamic countries. Such activities not only weaken the Muslim Nation (Ummah), but also provide an opportunity for non-believers (Kuffar) to succeed in their nefarious schemes. It is our belief that Muslim rulers and peoples should be
invited to the undistorted and true faith (Deen).

(Note above that they say something about Kuffars (non-Muslims) and "nefarious schemes", exposing an apparent hostility towards non-Muslims.)

We can force neither the rulers, nor the people, to change. Those who use violence to impose their point of view, actually lack the force of argument. Jama’at-ud-Da’wah believes that bomb blasts at public places, damaging public property, random killing of innocent people, raping women, and other crimes against humanity are blatant acts of terrorism. Whoever carries out such acts, whether it is an organization or state, is a terrorist.

Wow! Sound good? These guys are Muslims who reject jiahd, which is an absolute requirement of all "pure" Muslims (this organization speaks of Islamic purity, remember!)?

Are these Muslims, who claim to be pure Muslims, therefore ironically rejecting the orders of Allah as written in the Koran?

I mean, yeah, suuuure!

They say of themselves:
The creed of Jama’at-ad-Da’wah is based on these words of Allah (saw) in the Qur’an:

ادْخُلُواْ فِي السِّلْمِ كَآفَّةً

“Enter in totality into the fold of Islam.” (Surah al Baqarah: 208)

Note the word "totality". This is very clear. One cannot "enter in totality into the fold of Islam" and reject one of the key dictates of Islam as ordered by Allah. One cannot reject anything at all, in fact, and claim to be totally Muslim. It would be illogical and blasphemous, certainly in the eyes of fundamentalists and would actually carry a death sentence, if I recall correctly from my research of the Koran.

How about more? Is Jamaat ud Dawa really who they claim to be?

Now, let's go here. We learn that this Jamaat was, until recently, actually named "Lashkar-e-Tayyaba ".

Guantanamo detainee Khalid Bin Abdullah Mishal Thamer Al Hameydani’s
Combatant Status Review Tribunal said that he had received training from Lashkar.
Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf banned the group along with four other Islamic groups, in January 2002, amid pressure that followed the 9/11 attacks in the US. By mid-2002 it had renamed itself Jama’at ud Dawa. The massive earthquake in the both parts of divided Kashmir in October 2005 has also affected its fortunes.

This organization is clearly a terrorist organization like Jamaat ul Fuqra, which has camps in Pakistan, the United States and Canada (I've exposed the one in Canada on this blog). They were banned and changed their name to what it is today, now pretending to be an Islamic disaster relief organization, also very similar to Jamaat ul Fuqra's claims about itself (the Fuqra was involved in supposed relief activities following Hurricane Katrina).

The group has repeatedly claimed through its journals and websites that its main aim is to destroy Indian republic and annihilate Hindus. Also, it identifies India, Israel and USA as the main centres of infidelity and according to the Laskhar they must be destroyed to promote spread of Islam.


The group that started its operations initially in Kashmir now has spread its tentacles in rest of India. In fact, the group has executed nearly half a dozen major attacks on temples and busy markets in different parts of India in the past one year.

It appears that Jamaat ud Dawa is to India as Hezbollah is to Israel.

Since then, the group has again been allowed to openly collect funds in Pakistan, officially for reconstruction work. Many of their offices have reopened and its members have played a prominent role in rebuilding work. Unlike most other Kashmir terrorist groups, a majority of its members are non-Kashmiri, and its headquarters are also based in Pakistan.

Here's a U.S. Navy Terrorist Group Profile for the organization. The information at this link is very illuminating and damning. In fact, they've been linked to Al Qaeda.

According to the profile, this organization was originally formed in 1989, not in 1985 as they claim. They became the "Dawa" after being banned as a terrorist group by the Pakistani government following 9/11.


LT has conducted a number of operations against Indian troops and civilian targets in Jammu and Kashmir since 1993. LT claimed responsibility for numerous attacks in 2001, including an attack in January on Srinagar airport that killed five Indians; an attack on a police station in Srinagar that killed at least eight officers and wounded several others; and an attack in April against Indian border security forces that left at least four dead. The Indian government publicly implicated LT, along with JEM, for the attack on December 13, 2001, on the Indian Parliament building, although concrete evidence is lacking. LT is also suspected of involvement in the attack on May 14, 2002, on an Indian Army base in Kaluchak that left 36 dead. Senior al-Qa’ida lieutenant Abu Zubaydah was captured at an LT safe house in Faisalabad in March 2002, suggesting some members are facilitating the movement of al-Qa’ida members in Pakistan.

External Aid

Collects donations from the Pakistani community in the Persian Gulf and United Kingdom, Islamic NGOs, and Pakistani and other Kashmiri business people. LT also maintains a Web site (under the name Jamaat ud-Daawa), through which it solicits funds and provides information on the group’s activities. The amount of LT funding is unknown. LT maintains ties to religious/militant groups around the world, ranging from the Philippines to the Middle East and Chechnya through the fraternal network of its parent organization Jamaat ud-Dawa (formerly Markaz Dawa ul-Irshad). In anticipation of asset seizures by the Pakistani Government, the LT withdrew funds from bank accounts and invested in legal businesses, such as commodity trading, real estate, and production of consumer goods.

This terrorist organization bears investigation, even though they aren't known to have any bases of operation in North America or Europe.
They are clearly a mortal enemy of our friend, India. For example, go here to see them, on their website, demonize the Indian media and Indian "intellectuals" for what they say about a secretive compound called "Markaz-e-Tayyibah", which I suspect might be a fortress of terrorism or something.
I may do further postings on this organization depending on further research findings.