Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hezbollah. In Canada.

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Islamosupremacistic. Holocaustal. Hezbollah.
Watching and waiting... ominously, menacingly.
In Canada.
I did not make this up.
Choose your Canada.

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Say, notice the sign with the word "AIDS" on it? What on earth does AIDS have to do with Hezbollah? Some moonbats must've gotten confused and thought it was another gay parade/AIDS protest or something. What else is new? Moonbattery is moonbattery. And Islamofascism is Islamofascism. Moonbats are too stupid to understand this. A big question is: Who are the guys in the Hezzy t-shirts? Moonbats/Dhimmis or actual Islamofascist jihadists, belonging to a sleeper cell, awaiting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's order to strike us?

RightGirl reports, with more pictures. h/t: Kathy Shaidle, guest-blogging at Small Dead Animals. You go, girls! The Sentinel salutes you! And special praise must go to RightGirl for being right in the middle of it all, draped in the Israeli flag! See the picture at her site. And herself on the news. She was interviewed by the CTV. Ooh... the MSM! That takes ample chutzpah... dealing with the MSM.
Seems it was supposed to be an anti-Hezbollah rally, but look who invaded and took over!
And of all the pics I see on RightGirl's site, the only one in which the police are visible is the one of the anti-Hezzy crowd. Why do they get close police supervision but we don't see this happening for the jihadist-wannabe-or-might-be crowd? Ah, remember, this happened in Toronto, an infamous leftist regime run by an infamous leftist named "David Miller". Did he order the police to keep a close eye only on the folks who were opposing Islamosupremacism?
Uh-oh, Canada!