Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sore Losers Make Stink Over Drop-The-Soap Joke

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Oh, come on... everyone's heard of locker-room humor. Making drop-the-soap jokes is very common and not hateful at all. Go ahead and prove it's hateful. Just remember to breathe.

It's not "homophobic", either, as the twelve straight guys were apparently not at all afraid to compete, clad in only a swimsuit, amongst gay folks (the straight team won 12-0) and weren't even afraid to be in the same locker room as gay guys or even the shower.

No fear there. No hatred, either. What's happening there is either some gay folks have an astonishingly thin skin or they were sore losers humiliated that they couldn't beat straight folks and therefore wanted to perhaps get the winning team evicted or something by acting all crybaby about good-natured humor in the locker room.

In fact, the fact that the straight guys were able to joke about being in the shower with other guys who find them sexually attractive is proof that they are not afraid of, nor do they hate gay folks. They were so comfortable that they didn't worry about political correctness. They didn't see any big deal about folks being gay.

They wanted to compete with gay folks in the first place... which meant sharing a locker room and shower with the guys on the other teams who happened to be gay. If they feared or hated gay guys, they would not have been there at all. Think about that.

Really, they didn't mean that if they picked up the soap, then they'd get a surprise. It's just a joke. Hell, I've joked about the showers at the gym when I was going to the gym. They have individual shower stalls with locking doors and curtains, double security. I said to someone once that that makes it "safe to pick up the soap" and she really let out a good guffaw...

Do I care if folks are gay? Hell, no! I know some gay folks very well and have for years, and I don't care about their private lives being different; I'm not afraid of them and certainly don't have for them a hateful bone in my body, not at all.

I just say: grow up. You've made it, guys. You get the same rights as everyone else. You have all these TV shows. The MSM always reports positively on your parades, despite the presence of stupid naked marchers. The police won't arrest y'all for being naked in public whereas they'll arrest straights. You have "bathhouses", private establishments open to gays who want to go someplace to basically get laid. Straights, to my knowledge, aren't really allowed to do this stuff; at least I never hear about any such opportunities for me, a straight guy, to go someplace to specifically meet hot, horny chicks for the well-understood purpose of probably getting laid right there in the establishment. It's unfair! Hell, you've got preferential treatment from the state and from police, which is the one problem I have with the politics of the whole sexual orientation thing, besides the whole fascistic, supremacistic "publicly endorse absolutely everything about us or we'll publicly call you an intolerant, small-minded, knuckle-dragging bigot" meme. Y'all gotta rethink the aggressiveness. It makes folks turn away as they don't like to be insulted or imposed upon by any kind of extremeness whatsoever. It's about being polite in public and being a good citizen. Don't keep shoving the whole "different stuff" campaign at everyone. It won't do any good.

You can therefore let your skin grow to a normal thickness and just laugh off the innocent, good-natured humor between the straights and gays. Besides, don't you guys sometimes make straight jokes? Surely you must, and if they're not detectably malicious under the circumstances, nor within whatever the context of the situation is, then I'd just laugh, too!

Aw, come on, guys!

I have a couple other questions: were there any devout Muslim athletes at the Outgames? Did the organizers invite any Muslim leaders to attend and speak? Did they invite Mohammed Elmasry? Did they invite Aly Hindy? Or do they know the truth about Islam and homosexuality? If not, are they afraid to find out? If they know, then why rip into the Government of Canada rather than into fundamentalist Islam?

Did they invite the Prime Minister only with a view to humiliating him? As they did to his representative Michael Fortier, who, btw, actually supports the SSM thing?

These are important questions.

Was the Outgames really about sport and competition, or was it really about politics?