Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hypocritical Leftists, Female Boobs and Gay Peckers

Read the story. h/t:
Funny... all of a sudden these cosmopolitan Torontonians, including Mayor David Miller, find public nudity offensive? So the display of female breasts on the streets of Toronto is offensive?
Oh, yeah?!
Hey, David, what about these guys with their proud, gay tallywhackers out... in the street?... in Toronto?... in Canada? I did not make this up!
Why are straight female breasts offensive, but gay male penises are not?
Recall this SDA post from last summer.
And recall this TCS post from a few months ago.
Political correctness plus bigotry... never have I seen leftists twist themselves into such impossible, hypocritical, inconsistent positions!
More evidence of leftism being a mental disorder!
I'm just so sick and tired of poopheaded moonbat asshats and their all-over-the-place, phony-morality, phony-"equality", have their-cake-and-play-sex-games-with-it-too bullshit attitude!
Listen up, all you AIDS activists, if it's okay for gay guys to walk around with their dicks and nuts dangling for all, including children, to see, in public, then it's ok for women to be bare breasted in public.
In fact, in Ontario, it is not a crime anymore! You, AIDS activists and you, David Miller, are practicing discrimination against women while eagerly canonizing stupid, perverted, naked gay asshats walking around with their urinary/copulatory organs clearly visible in public!
Bunch of asshats!
At least you can call the naked gay guys "disgusting" and "offensive" and call for the police to enforce the law against the display of sexual organs in public, which is still in force! Gay parades shouldn't be exempt from compliance with the laws of Canada and of Ontario just because Toronto's Supreme Moonbat Overlord David Miller deems they shall be!
What the hell is the matter with you gosh-darned leftist moonbat poopheads?
Please, people of Toronto, don't vote for David Miller. For the love of Toronto! Get that freaking nutcase out of there!