Friday, August 04, 2006

Moderate Muslim Spokesman To Resign Due to Violence, Murder Plot From Jihadists

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Tarek Fatah, spokesman for the moderate, modern Muslim Canadian Congress, a man who believes in and promotes human rights (something anathema to literalist Islamists, of whom there are millions, including actual jihadists and supporters thereof), is being forced to step down from his spokesman's position due to verbal abuse, threats, physical assault and an overheard plot to kill him... all from Islamic fundamentalists (the kind into whom I rip new ones all the time; the literalist-supremacist-jihadists).

Apparently there are indeed Muslims who oppose jihad and all that scary Islamic stuff as found in the Koran. They understand the need for Islam to adapt and abandon its dangerous dogmas in order for the faith to exist in peace and to even have a future. They know that if jihadists control the ideology, then via war Islam will have to be wiped out as a potentially permanently belligerent enemy which cannot be tolerated at all. The jihadists want war, war, war and murder, murder, murder, an attitude which will only ultimately lead to the destruction of Islam out of necissity by non-Muslims who want to live in peace and according to their values, particularly those of freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights.

The jihadists are required by the Koran to wage jihad also against those within the ideology who refuse to accept all dogmas without question. This is why the violently extremist Islamic literalists in Canada (big surprise-- we have such monsters... in Canada) are going after Mr. Fatah as they are and have succeeded in intimidating him into quitting his job. In Canada. Yes, in Canada. Such illegal activity is going on, unfettered. I would like to see the Islamic literalists detected, apprehended and treated no less harshly than any other person in Canada who engages in this sort of illegal, frightening, dangerous activity.

Canada must protect Muslims who believe in human rights and reject the supremacistic, intolerant and murderous dogmas of the ideology from those who mean them harm... including other Muslims, without exception, without political correctness.

Up with good, friendly, modern Muslims who promote adaptation and progression for Islam.

Down, down, down with Islamic fundamentalists! Crush fundamentalist Islam before it crushes all of humanity... ultimately with nuclear weapons.