Sunday, August 20, 2006

The NB Leaders: A Comparison

Left: New Brunswick Liberal leader Shawn Graham.

Right: American Democratic Chairman Howard "The Scream" Dean

Left: New Democratic Party leader Alison Brewer.

Right: Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe (at pro-Hezbollah, anti-Israel rally... what an asshat!)

Left: NB Tory Premier Bernard Lord

Right: Alberta Tory Premier Ralph Klein

Yep, it's election time again in New Brunswick. In my opinion, it's about who gets to do the same old stuff and with what style. Take your pick, fellow Herring-Chokers: The Screamer, the Communist or the Real Premier.

That's basically what it comes down to. Oh, of course, it's really between the Premier and Screamin' Shawn. The NDP is irrelevant and always has been anyway.

Really, there's nobody worthy of taking the reins away from Bernie. Sure, he could do more, but the other two-- they offer pretty much nothing but dueling, mundane little election promises.

For me, what needs to be addressed is the longstanding, chronic have-not, relatively-economically-flatlined status of New Brunswick. Someone has to demonstrate a real acceptance and understanding of the problem, its true, root causes, its maintenance causes and its real, permanent solutions. This isn't happening, therefore expect me to yawn a lot.

This is the only issue in New Brunswick that matters right now as far as I'm concerned. Most everything else should take a back seat to really, really building the provincial economy, something that I've never seen happen in my lifetime.

If Stephen Harper, who has already demonstrated to me his understanding of the problem, wasn't busy running and rebuilding the whole nation, I'd want him running for Premier of New Brunswick.