Saturday, August 12, 2006

Indian Occupiers Claiming Ownership of the Wind

Angry in the Great White North reports:

The Six Nations Reserve has been protesting to get control of land near Caledonia. Now they are demanding control of the wind too.

Oh, fofecksake...

And this is the same bunch who are currently occupying a housing development, terrorizing regular folks living in the area who live in fear of the unknown from these masked bandits in camoflage clothing and with cowardly faces concealed with colorful snotrags (might as well wear Kaffiyehs) like some kind of terrorists...

Don't give me this bullshit about centuries-old "treaties". It's just bullshit. These guys are playing the race game, period. They're in it for the money, not the land. They don't care about hunting and fishing, which were the main thrust of those ancient treaties. They don't even care about land, unless there's significant commercial/financial value/potential attached.

The so-called "First Nations" (if ever there was a racist self-labelling scheme, that's one) collectively lay claim to more land than Canada actually encompasses. That in and of itself renders the claims in serious doubt.

But most of this land isn't being claimed by these awesomely special entitlist folks. Ever notice they only claim land which can make them rich? Think about that.

What's stopping anyone from uttering totally imaginary documents, going to some "court" and having some Liberal-Prime Minister-appointed, mentally buzzed-out, left-wing activist judge just saying, "Ok, they have the documentation. These simple little pieces of paper clearly prove that this particular land, with this cash cow stuff on it, is rightfully theirs... and that all who don't belong to their special race must be cleansed from the land, with no exceptions... they must get out immediately. I hereby order the state to go in and cleanse the area of all non-Indian individuals. Their property and everything situated upon it shall be surrendered to this exalted "racial" group."

What's stopping this from happening? The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms has a loophole which could be "interpreted" by the "courts" as permitting racial discrimination in favor of this particular "racial" group.

From the Charter:


The guarantee in this Charter of certain rights and freedoms shall not be construed so as to abrogate or derogate from any aboriginal, treaty or other rights or freedoms that pertain to the aboriginal peoples of Canada including

any rights or freedoms that have been recognized by the Royal Proclamation of October 7, 1763; and

any rights or freedoms that now exist by way of land claims agreements or may be so acquired.

That is racist. No one can credibly deny this. The Charter creates a specially-entitled racial class for certain persons deemed "Aboriginal". This is unacceptable as it effectively creates two tiers of citizens with two tiers of rights.

I believe in equality, period. Why am I, a non-"Aboriginal", a second-class citizen? Why am I deemed, by reason of my "race", as being inferior to certain other persons?

Why do I have to effectively pay a "non-Aboriginal" tax to certain people claiming this special racial superiority? This is exactly like being a Dhimmi to Muslims under Islam. (If one won't convert to Islam, then it's either be killed or become a slave and pay a tax for not being a Muslim).

I am ashamed to have a Charter that is racist. I feel hurt and oppressed and feel like a lesser Canadian with lesser rights.

I don't have the right to go to the government and say, "I am a member of this special race. Now give me, give me, give me...". Oh, no... I have to work hard for a living and pay taxes which then go to these special folks (or at least to their politicians, many of whom are no less corrupt than any other non-"Aboriginal" politician has ever been and are no less greedy) just because they're claimed members of this special "race". I am not entitled to other peoples' money because I'm not special and superior and entitled like the Indians.

This is the legacy of the Liberal Party of Canada, who brought in this document.

It's about money and about race.

Greed and racism are not Canadian values.

Something is very, very wrong. And it will get worse, rest assured. How much worse does it have to get? Does someone have to die before the MSM and the people finally rise up and say that this is wholly unacceptable in a free and democratic society founded on the guarantee of equality for all, regardless of race or national/ethnic origin?

Why did Pierre Trudeau put that racist loophole into the Charter? The effect is that the Charter contradicts itself. How does one resolve this contradiction? With political correctness or state fascism?

I do, however, possess and may exercise the inalienable right to respond howsoever I deem towards anyone who would come onto this blog and make defamatory personal insults towards me just for my exercising my Charter-guaranteed right to freedom of expression.

Those same individuals would probably not flame the racial supremacists currently occupying Caledonia as they would anyone criticizing them, or as they would anyone criticizing what he/she believes to be a serious, racist defect in the Charter, a defect which ought to be ameliorated or scrapped. (Hey, if former Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin could promise to scrap the Charter's Notwithstanding Clause, then I can just as easily say we should rectify this serious contradiction within the Charter.)

I can ignore, delete and/or ban any unreasonably hostile entity and no one can stop me.

At least I can exercise this right. It makes me feel good, as I'm sure it makes that bunch of racially-exalted folks feel good to occupy others' property and terrorize others...