Monday, August 07, 2006

Another JuF-Linked Terror Compound Exposed in America

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Top & Bottom: JuF founder & Bin Laden associate/minion Sheikh Mubarik Gilani

Jamaat ul Fuqra-linked terrorist compound identified in Aliville, Georgia:

Counterterrorist blogger "CP" has done it again.


Records from the Georgia Secretary of State's office indicate that at least one business is linked to the village. A company called Qasr Computing Solutions, Inc. maintains an address at Aliville.

The company's website [] says that they were formerly based in Jacksonville, FL and in fact, additional information I have discovered confirms that several Aliville residents had previously lived in Jacksonville. I am not currently aware of an MOA presence in Florida, but I consider it likely. However, I did also find additional information confirming that Aliville residents previously hailed from Dover, TN and Binghamton, NY, two locations with a known MOA presence.

As I said, the village is located in a very rural part of Georgia. It is not close to any metropolitan areas. So, as with the other villages, I looked to see what sort of strategic infrastructure there might be nearby. See, the MOA like to say that they live rurally to escape the temptations of worldly urban life. However, covert Fuqra operatives have exploited the fact that many of the MOA/Fuqra villages can be found near hard strategic targets [e.g., near power plants (including nuclear), military bases, reservoirs, etc.]. Considering Fuqra's shadowy connections to Pakistani intelligence, this fact is perhaps not coincidental.

As I panned outward on the map, I discoverd that Aliville is just about an hour's drive from Fort Stewart. Fort Stewart is the largest Army installation east of the Missisippi River. [Note: The Fuqra cell that was broken up in Colorado years ago was known to have conducted surveillance of several military facilities; the still-active compound at Dover, TN is just a few miles from Fort Campbell (map)].

In addition to Fort Stewart, Aliville is within a few hours drive of several significant military facilities that dot South Georgia.

Read the whole investigative report.

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UPDATE: The Qasr Computing Solutions website is not available. Were they spooked? Suspicious, isn't it? Wonder if they just went off the net following CP and the NEIN's reports on their connection to the JuF compound?