Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why We Need To Profile

Because it doesn't work this way!

If we profiled, the underwear bomber wouldn't have been permitted onto that plane in the first place!

You know, the Hard Left has succeeded in making sure that we cannot prevent terrorism, because the Hard Left has forced governments to do things they don't have to do and to refrain from doing things they DO have to do!

Stop picking on the frail elderly and start picking more on apparently able-bodied folks of whatever sex and race (race doesn't matter, because Islam isn't a race, and all races are allowed into Islam and are allowed to be terrorists) who could logically, rationally, have been recruited by The Enemy to commit terrorism.

And, specifically, I'd recommend that the Obamacrat Regime actually put all known and suspected terrorists on no-fly lists... ALL of them, not just the tiniest percentage!  Stop being so stupid and negligent, you dumbasses, and do your damn job and protect America and Americans!  Sheesh!

There's no need to terrorize and abuse the frail elderly in the name of political correctness and to appease the Hard Left and the Islamic Supremacists!  Better to inconvenience apparent Muslims who actually act like very probable terrorists, even if they're just doing a joking "dry run", and to ban them, for such behavior, from ever flying again.  Dammit, why are we letting Muslims yell "fire" in a crowded theatre (or, actually, more accurately, pretty much yell "Kaboom! ha-ha-ha! Gotcha!" in a loaded airliner) now?!

Dammit... have the authorities gone insane?  Have they been forbidden to use common sense, logic, reason, etc.?  Have they been instructed to simply be politically correct and nothing more?

If so, we're f*ck*d.

Dammit, it's more important to protect lives than to protect feelings and act brainlessly and only according to political correctness!

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