Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Obama Wimpiness Bringing On More Terror: Expert

Dr. Tawfik Hamid, the former Al Qaeda guy who turned into an anti-Islamic Supremacism activist and who is now a prominent reformer of Islam, tells us about the problem with Barack Hussein Obama's weak attitude towards terrorism.

He explains that Obama's actions and inactions are likely being interpreted by the Islamic World as weakness and submission.

It's obvious that, although born a Muslim himself, Obama doesn't know a bloody thing about the Islamic World and Islamic People, including how they think and perceive things, etc.

In a nutshell, Obama's been sending all the wrong signals to the Islamic World, and, by extension, necessarily, The Enemy, which is also Islamic, though obviously we're talking about those particular Islamists who actually go so far as to translate their bigotry, prejudices, hatred, supremacism and imperialism into actual violence and acts of illegal war.

Obama's sending the wrong signals to the Islamic World as well as to the Neo-Communist, Fascist World, ie. the likes of the Neo-Communist-Fascist-run China, Russia, Venezuela, etc.  You see, the entire Islamic World is getting these signals, and this is not a good thing at all.  There's  different mentalities amongst Muslims, obviously.  There's those who don't take the Koran literally and who wouldn't support the hatred and violence it promotes and incites.  Then there's those who do take the evil stuff literally but personally wouldn't bother to "wage jihad against the horrible Infidel Kaffirs" and would leave it up to the deranged lunatics who actually translate the evil and hatred into violent action.  The proportions between these three basic subgroupings are difficult to fathom (but massive, comprehensive polling done in the Islamic World does reveal some very disturbing, ominous indications as to the mentality, such as Jew-hatred, of the majority of those in the Islamic World), but we can't afford to make the politically correct default assumptions, really.  We must make the safest assumption and be cautious in order to safeguard the Free World from whatever number of actual, violence-manifesting enemies we face, plus from those who support those actually-violent "jihadists" and who shouldn't be encouraged, but rather should be discouraged, to do so.

Obama's dogmatic, unrealistic, ideological belief in being nice to and appeasing enemies with bowing, apologizing for his country's existence and offering to disarm and so on and so forth... will simply not work and is absolutely, 100% doomed to fail.  Reasonable, clued-in people realize this.

What we need is a take-no-crap-from-anybody leadership in the Free World, just as we had during World War Two, the Cold War and, under Bush the Second, following 9/11, that strikes mortal fear and terror into the blackened hearts of the members of the larger-than-indicated-and-growing Axis of Evil leadership.

We, with take-no-crap leadership, won World War Two, the Cold War, removed the Taliban from power in Afghanistan, and removed Saddam and the Baathists from power.

Since then, as long as enemies feared they'd be destroyed or at least removed via force from power, the Free World enjoyed relative peace and freedom from attack.

But when the Free World shows signs of weakness and vulnerability, then the Enemy, whoever they are, wherever they are, are naturally encouraged to take a gamble and attack.  We've seen this throughout history.

Even crazy evil folks are highly unlikely to attack an opponent that they believe will not take crap from them and that will respond with unrelenting, maximally-destructive force.

Unfortunately, Obama and the Democrats have the wrong worldview, and are pushing America and the Free World towards a very dangerous future with their weakness-promoting policies for the Free World.

Meanwhile, we, if we look in the right places to discover the evidence thereabout, witness the Axis of Evil shooting full-afterburners-ahead with amassing the latest, state-of-the-art military juggernauts they can possibly manage...  And the non-Islamic states, such as Russia, are comrades with the Islamic states and with Islamic terror groups, united in their common hatred of the Free World, just as the Nazis and Muslim Brotherhood were united in their common Jew-hatred and common desire for a racially-and-idologically-pure, fascist future during WWII.

Winston Churchill saw what was going on and openly predicted what was most likely to happen sooner or later... and he was right, even though many initially, in their arrogant, stubborn, blissful ignorance, dismissed him as a delusional crackpot, not realizing that they were projecting their own psychology onto him.

What kind of a future is in store for the Free World... and for human civilization worldwide... depends on what kind of a stance we take against those evil, greedy tyrants and oppressors who would end the Free World as we know it.

Will we take a submissive stance and invite destruction... or will we make it absolutely, unmistakably clear that any attempt to attack/invade/take over the Free World will only, assuredly, result in the total destruction of all who take part in such attacks?

The Free World needs to be protected with superior potential force, not with inviting weakness and defencelessness.  Only fools believe otherwise.

Freedom isn't free.  People have died to bring it about, and have died defending it.

The future won't be any different.

If we stop fighting, or if we demonstrate that we're no longer capable of winning future fights, then we will indibitably lose our freedom.  Only delusional fools believe otherwise.

Because Evil is immortal, eternal.  And it must be fought all the times so as to prevent it from winning.

We cannot afford to let our guard down.  We must remain ever-vigilant and ever-ready for war.

And must always act to prevent Evil from striking wherever it's apt to do so.

Peace... via superior power of force.

Walk softly, yes, but brandish the biggest stick.  Don't whittle it down in size and weight to appease the Enemy into leaving you alone, for that will never, never work.

When showing superior potential force to them, bullies tend to back down and leave one alone.  They're, after all, crazy, but not stupid.


Dallas said...

Hussein Obama knows EXACTLY what he is doing. It's not naivete.

Jen said...

A very interesting article by Dr.
Dr. Tawfik Hamid.

The canadian opposition parties show their appreciation and support for terrorist groups, they most definitely show no pride no support for the canadian general public nor for their safety against terrorism when they were told by the CAF not to vote for the 'ANTI TERRORIST ACT BILL' which the liberals did exactly as they were told. this is a sign of 'weakness' on the opposition parties part. Oh, the liberals weren't the ones to not vote for the 'anti terrorist act bill' , the ndp and the bloc also didn't vote on this bill.

The National media as we see them are no use, they fell into a dangerous trap; they too support terrorist groups. they are already doomed. Their false lies manipulations and eagerness to get rid of this prime minister for no reason at all is a 'huge sign' for us to see and know that the media is not nor ever will be again for the canadian public but for crime terror terrorism. they are done.

Anonymous said...

Life is a test, and the Gods evaluate people based on their performance.
The Gods test people with the temptation for which they are most weak::::
Homosexuals desire sodomy, alcoholics crave a drink, junkies jones for dope, etc.
Addiction theory is a lie; it is Artificial Intelligence creating the desire, punishment for inappropriate behavior. Ironically, it compells people deeper into the behavior, minimizing hope for recovery.
The Gods chose Christianity for Europeans because it is the temptation to which they are most suseptable:::Entitlement. Something for nothing. A free ride. And the United States/Western civilization with accompanying wealth contributes to this perception. And other people from throughout the world happily subscribe to this punishment designed for Europeans, assuming this legacy once assimilated.
Next time you think of Muslims recognize these people are vastly superior to Christians. Whereas many throughout the Christian world no longer attend church and have fallen into Godlessness, the Muslim world worships the Gods for OVER AN HOUR EACH AND EVERY DAY.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, crap... we've got an Islamic Supremacist troll here...

It's not true, what the supremacist said. Muslims are obviously not superior. It's illogical to look at those who've strayed from the Bible and God and assume that that's a sign of weakness in Christianity itself.

Islam is a self-abrogating ideology. Any ideology that self-abrogates cannot be a strong ideology.