Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Nothing To See Here, Folks


After ignoring the American Tea Party demonstrations, no matter how massive and how obviously grassroots and non-partisan they were, the Toronto Star is attempting to create an illusion that there's a "tea party" of sorts brewing to surge against the Canadian government... just because they're giving MPs a couple of extra months off following the Christmas break, during which Canada will host the winter Olympics, by the way.

So the TS gathers a handful of students and such to say nasty stuff about it.

Big deal.  Sounds like a bunch of youthful, Astroturfy teabaggers who don't know what they're talking about, community-organizers-wannabe.  Betcha they're connected to the Liberals and the NDP.  Left-wing extremists.  Not worth noting, unless they prove themselves legitimate, as did the American People who've been derided by the likes of the TS as "teabaggers" and such.

Betcha ACORN-Canada's somehow involved.  Bloody Left-Wing Extremist mobsters goosestepping around with swastikas, hellbent on violence and all that crap.  Betcha they're all racists, hating a white man in 24 Sussex Drive.  Call CSIS!  Tell the cops to profile and watch out for Left-Wing Extremists!

Hey, this is fun.  I like calling Leftists the same stuff they call non-Leftists.  Wheee!

Let's talk about Tiger Woods and his bimbos instead, OK?  Let's scare people by telling them that every time they turn on the lights, they're destroying Earth!


Jen said...

Toronto star has prorogued its duties for years; reporting to the public what should have been reported years ago stood still at that time.

What is the media so afraid of?

glasnost said...

Feeling a mite ranty today CS?

Canadian Sentinel said...

The truth, Jen.

Not a mite, Glasnost. Rather, a tad.