Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Hypocritical Liberals Practicing Projection

Big surprise.

Once again the Liberal leader is falling right in to the rhetoric served up by the Conservatives that he is "just visiting". While the Liberals complain that the Prime Minister is taking an extended vacation, it is Michael Ignatieff who is out of the country vacationing in France.

The Prime Minister is "vacationing" in Ottawa spending days working in his office.

The Liberals end up, once again looking like political freshmen. One might have thought if the target of their political warriers was going to be a vacationing PM that they might have ensured that their leader was hard at work to provide a contrast matching their rhetoric.

Instead the Liberals have generated yet another opportunity for the national media and opponents to poke fun at their leader.
There's more problems for the Librano$.  Read on!

Guess bringing in that old Chretien crony, Peter Donolo, didn't do any good, eh!

Oh, my... check out the results in this poll...

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