Sunday, January 10, 2010

FOX News Derangement Syndrome: One Woman's Encounters With The Afflicted

A college student went to work as an intern for FOX News for a summer.

When people found out, boy, what an education in the nature of Leftist Mental Disorder this woman received
As my summer went on, I would meet people when I was out with friends, and sometimes they were fascinated by the fact that I worked at Fox News.  They showed interest in what I did and whom I worked for.  Other times, people looked at me like I had leprosy.  I was appalled by some of their reactions.  One guy I met said, “How could you work for them? They lie.”  This became so typical that my response to these types of people became almost automatic.  My response was, “As opposed to ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and MSNBC?”  He just stared at me and said nothing.  He didn’t expect that I guess!  I think he thought I’d try to defend  my beliefs and views so he could then attack me further, as liberals typically do, by saying I’m a war-monger, racist, selfish, and well some other choice terms they use to describe us.

When I left Fox and moved back to Pittsburgh to finish my last semester at California University of Pennsylvania, I would go to a local Barnes & Noble a lot to work on papers for class and have a cup of coffee.  As I was sitting there minding my own business (with headphones on), I had a lady come up to me who saw a sticker on the back of my laptop which said, “America’s Talking:” She stopped and stared… Immediately, I thought oh no…here we go again!  I took my headphones off…

And she said, “Fox News…I hate them!”  (CS note: See, people who don't like FOX News are... hateful!!!)

I responded, “Well that’s nice.”  Again, it obviously was not what she wanted to hear from me at all.  I continued to work on my research paper as she gave me the stare of death because of a sticker on the back of my laptop.  Seriously?!?!?  These people get this upset over a sticker!  She eventually walked away, and continued to mumble under her breath how terrible I was for having the sticker of the “Devil News Channel” on the back of my laptop.  It has gotten to the point where I just laugh at these people as they get bent out of shape over Fox News.

That sounds a lot like Bush/Palin/Manning/Day/Harper Derangement Syndrome to me.  They're all part of Leftist Mental Disorder, obviously.  Such people who suffer from that, I'm unsure whether to be compassionate towards them for their debilitating mental illness... or make fun of them to their faces 'cause they need it, need someone to tell them they're being assholes and douchebags and need to self-improve and smarten up!

Oh, look... Obama hates FOX News, too!  No surprise there...


Kez Creates said...

Reminds me of a report today that the 60 Minutes program from last night (CBS right?) talked about 'that book' coming out where Harry Reid had to make an apology for questionable words revealed in the book. But 60 Minutes spent over 10 mins of the 13 min segment talking about Sarah Palin, less than a minute about Obama, a couple mins about H Clinton,,, and zero about Reid. 10 mins on Palin? Is the entire book about her or something?

Oh wait, sorry, I heard that on Fox News (which I gladly pay extra for each month) so it must have been a lie. My bad ;)

Canadian Sentinel said...

Speaking of Reid and his stupid utterance, apparently Ann Coulter sees an opening to dare the Left to crucify her whereas they won't crucify Reid. Didya see:

I'd love to see the Left try to crucify Ann for saying the same supposedly-not-so-awful thing that Reid got away with saying. I'm sure they wanna, but since they won't do it to Reid, how can they do it to Ann?

Hmm... y'know, every time a Leftist gets away with saying something a Rightie wouldn't get away with, I suggest Righties say the very same thing the Leftie said and got away with. Just for fun to drive the Left and Big Old Media nuts!