Saturday, April 04, 2009

Islamic 'Justice' In Pakistan: Video

Video/story here.

A girl is brutally flogged for being suspected of having had an affair. There was no trial. She was hatefully, inhumanely flogged, according to Islamic "law", simply based on mere suspicion. Obviously the ultra-Islamic Taliban of Pakistan is eager to come up with any excuse to brutalize women, and they obviously enjoy it. How hateful and mean-spirited.

ht: Bourque Newswatch

The ultra-Islamic Taliban is taking over Pakistan.

And commiting grievous abuses against humanity, especially women, whom they clearly hate with a red-eyed fury.

And the government of Pakistan won't do anything. They let the Taliban control territory and do as they please.

Disgusting. Reprehensible. Intolerable. Much like the Nazis.

The "progressive" liberal left and the feminazis, however, can't be bothered to care. They don't care about the fact that Islamic women have no human rights in the Islamic world, that they're treated like slaves, pets, livestock, prisoners, punching bags, pieces of meat, furniture, you fill in the rest. How the hell can the so-called "progressive" movement not care? What kind of a movement is "progressivism", then, if not a movement of hate and evil?

If you ask me, Islam needs to be put in its place and its hatred, intolerance, supremacism, violence, murder and especially its imperialist spread worldwide via deliberate-by-"cultural"-imperative, incredibly explosive population growth wherever Muslims migrate... ended, via implementation of such policies as giving Islamic women the inalienable right to choose whether or not to have babies, rather than being incessantly impregnated by their brainwashed-by-fundamentalist-Islamic-doctrine, oppressive husbands, that is, Islamic women must be guaranteed the right to say "no" to their husbands, and if the husbands have a problem with this, then they can go to jail, for all I care, because I don't like men who treat women like slaves and baby-making machines, and such men ought to be treated according to the maximum penalty allowable by law. But to say any of this would be politically incorrect, as the "progressive" liberal left wants to let the horrible likes of the Taliban do whatever they want, proving that they, the leftists, actually don't mean it when they say they care about womens' rights, womens' equality, indeed, anyone's human rights, including those of homosexuals, who, when caught, are torturously executed all the time in the Islamic world. Obviously the "progressive" liberal left only believes in human rights and equality where they already enjoy it, except, of course, in situations involving Muslims, and in such cases, the "progressive" movement looks the other way on violence against women, including rape, torture and murder. This is a large part of the reason why I don't believe leftists when they scream about human rights and equality and so on and so forth.

It is righteous and just to "impose" fundamental human rights opon all human beings across the entire world. If anything is to be "imposed", it must be fundamental human rights. And anything that precludes fundamental human rights is to be opposed, fought against and defeated into unconditional surrender.

Political correctness fascism be damned.