Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hard-Left Social Reengineering Continues; Now Spotlighting Entitlist Trannies

Story here.

How the hell is a sex-change, especially the kind paid for via socialism, a "human right"?

That's ridiculous. It's not a "human right".

If folks want to change their sex, race, whatever (one visualizes Michael Jackson), then fine, but sorry, don't bum off the overtaxed taxpayers, nor divert critically scarce funds from Medicare to pay for it!

Besides, there are people suffering on the waiting lines with actual illnesses and ailments and so on. How can those trannies be so selfish, demanding that money be taken away from those who need it for necessary health care, just so that they can indulge their extreme fetish?

The Loony Left... always looking for ways to take our money away, 'cause they don't want to pay for their own stuff!