Monday, April 20, 2009

So Now Can We Start Treating Men As Equals?

Most of the jobs lost in the recession have been lost by men.

It's said that the majority of employed folks will soon be women.

So now can we stop unfairly favoring one gender over another in hiring practices? That is, can we treat both genders equally?

The femiNazis will say no. Because they hate men and want to thumb men down, keeping them in their place. Like hell those big, hairy people who were unfairly born with a little hose with which to go peepee real easy should ever be treated equally... as far as the FemiNazis and Extreme Left are concerned.

Further, we note that women tend to hold the more-secure jobs, as in education and nursing, most famously.

Shouldn't there therefore be programs to encourage men to participate in these occupations? After all, when men dominate one occupation, socialists say that those occupations must be opened up to more women, and such a policy, if implemented by socialist regimes (such as Obama's and Ignatieff's, if he were PM) tends to put men at an employment/hiring disadvantage, pushing many well-qualified men away in favor of simply putting more women, perhaps regardless of individual suitability, into the occupations, just to improve the optics for Left-Wing Extremist teabaggers to feel artificially happier. They could care less about ensuring that the best qualified people, regardless of whether they have a willy or not, are hired to best run the economy and government, as, after all, competency always is better for the country, the economy, society, international competitiveness and national security. Why jeopardize the country for the sake of making mentally-disordered Left-Wing Extremist teabaggers happy?

But the Extreme Left will oppose any policy to treat men equally, let alone any policy to help them like they always supported policies to help more women get into various occupations.

Just a few thoughts based on what I see happening today while remembering what happened in the past...

And, yes, it's fun to defiantly spit in the face of Extreme-Left-Wing-Teabagging Political Correctness Fascism.

ht: Drudge Report