Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Obama Regime Partners Up With CCP On "Education"

The Obama Regime has signed a partnership agreement involving "education" with the brutally suppressive Chinese Communist Party, a regime who regularly forces its political opposition into re-education (brain-reprogramming) labor camps.

Leading human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize-nominee Harry Wu, who has documented many of China’s human rights abuses and crimes, said the United States cannot learn anything from the Communist Chinese educational system.


“The Communist Party is talking about dictatorship; talking about totalitarian. How to handle the dissidents – that is Laogai [re-education] camps,” said Wu.

“You cannot [function in China] without it. Laogai and freedom and democracy are incompatible. That is very clear,” he said.

The Laogai Research Foundation estimates there are at least 1,000 laogai prisons functioning in Communist China today, holding more than 6 million prisoners. The Black Book of Communism (Harvard University Press) estimates that at least 65 million people have been killed or died as a result of China’s Communist policies.

Given that, one wonders why the Obama Regime, known as an increasingly socialist regime itself, really wants to connect so closely with the Horrific Communist Regime. I mean, the idea of a "North American Union" was, and still is, not something that North Americans want, but when you watch our governments getting too close, too integrated, with the institutions of state of such evil regimes as the Chinese Communist Party, well, that's far, far more disturbing.

Again the worries about Obama's puppetmaster's hidden agenda. What does the scary little old rich neo-Communist man behind the curtain, feeding all those talking points and action prompts into Obama's teleprompters, have planned for America?