Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Iran Complains of Israeli Threats?!

Let me get this straight...

Iran promised to wipe out Israel.

Then Israel said that if Iran's nuclear weapons program isn't ended, that the Islamic tyranny will have to suffer Israeli military action to destroy the capability.

Imagine that. Saying you're going to kill someone. Then crying that that someone you're going to kill said they're going to stop you before you get around to it. Isn't that the most bizarre thing of all? Doesn't that only harm Islam's image in the world, what with Muslims going around all the time behaving like this?

My prediction: The UN will treat Iran's complaint seriously and condemn Israel for declaring that it's going to have to deal with the evil regime itself because the UN and Obamerica won't.

The world just gets more and more bizarre. Chalk it up to the Devil's Great Plaything, the Left!