Friday, April 10, 2009

Liberals Considering Politically Dangerous Policies At Upcoming Convention

Story here.

ht: Bourque Newswatch

For example...

(...) a Liberal government to ensure "equitable sharing of natural resources." Provinces, particularly resource-rich Alberta and Saskatchewan, have always jealously guarded their natural resources, which are strictly under provincial jurisdiction, from federal intrusions.

Another potentially controversial resolution, also from Quebec, urges a Liberal government to expand the mandate of the Canadian Human Rights Commission to include citizenship status and socio-economic class as prohibited grounds of discrimination.

Many Canadians, including some civil liberties advocates and at least one Liberal MP, have been trying to rein in human rights commissions, which they argue are being used to limit free speech deemed offensive by some complainants.

That "one Liberal MP" is former Conservative Keith Martin, who went all the way to the West Coast to fetch Czar Ignatiov a kitten, getting to fly with the little furry-wurry and probably taking a limo ride to Stornoway to hand it over to the clutches of the widely-grinning Czar... will Iggy dare betray the guy who went out of his way to get him a purebred, aristocratic kitten? Or will Iggy instead listen to the guy who thinks it would be tasty in sweet & sour sauce, the infamous attack clown, Warren Kinsella, a notorious censorship-and-fascism promoting extremist who still works for Iggy despite the many, many incidents of disgrace he's stepped into?

The rest of the resolutions raise the frightening specter of billions and billions in increased spending on big, big-government programs. Some of which are...

-A national, publicly funded child care program
(Talk about the Big Nanny State! Imagine the state indoctrinating your kids with all sorts of "progressive" gobbleddygook that goes against your values, without your knowledge and consent... I smell, in this national socialist "daycare" scheme, a plot to turn out brainwashed little "progressive" zombies/useful idiots, factory-style)

-Expanded medicare to include publicly funded home care, dental and vision and mental health care.

(Again, untold billions and billions in annual spending, plus you've seen the crooked, discolored teeth of the British, who have national socialist dentistry, haven't you? Imagine a Canada in which everyone has crooked, discolored teeth, but at least if they have an emergency with a tooth, they can go to the dentistry ER, wait a few hours in pain and have it taken care of for "free", or, more likely, just have it yanked out with a pair of pliers, 'cause it's cheaper that way, and they need the savings for the Islamic footbath and prayer room as required by the more-powerful-than-ever "Human Rights" Commission (a Liberal government would, no doubt, legislate greater and greater powers for that fascist state apparatus node)

-Endorsement of the principles of the $5-billion Kelowna Accord to improve the lot of aboriginal peoples.

(A big blank check, isn't it? Since when has money given to Aboriginal politicians been used to actually "improve the lot of Aboriginal Peoples"? Show me the improvement there was supposed to have been from the many, many billions and billions and billions we gave the Aboriginal politicians to help their people, which it doesn't seem they did at all, seeing, to this day, the continuing horrible living conditions and way of life from which ordinary Aboriginals suffer, despite all those billions pouring into their communities all the time which never seems to make any real difference!)

Plus an ominous-sounding one:

-A guaranteed living standard for all full-time adult workers, above the poverty line in each region.

This sounds like an open door to "spreading the wealth", Obama-style. Such legislation could turn out to have been the Trojan Horse of Communism for Canada. Under Comrade Mikhail Ignatiov, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Canuckistani.