Friday, April 10, 2009

Obama, Seals & Tibetans

So Obama was "outraged" by the Canadian Seal Hunt, in which seals are clubbed?

Well, does anyone recall Obama expressing similar outrage at the Chinese Communist regime for its torture, including clubbing, of Tibetans? How about its harvesting organs for sale for massive profit from live political-ideological prisoners?

Why does Barack Hussein Obama place the welfare of seals above the welfare of human beings?

Oh, wait... I almost forgot. It's because he's a "Progressive". That's just the way "Progressives" are. Like, they don't care about unborn human beings being torn to pieces alive after being deemed "inconvenient", but they care about seals and other non-human animals. Just like Obama, their false deity!

Please, oh, please, don't use the letter from Obama, who believes in slaughtering live human beings, both pre-and immediately post-birth, in America and worldwide, by the millions and billions, to support the campaign against the seal hunt. Sheesh- why don't they also campaign against the cattle slaughter for the meat they eat in their hamburgers, the chicken they eat at KFC, and don't forget about pigs, etc., etc... Bunch of hypocrites! I don't understand why they think seals are more important than human beings. Or why they think seals are more important than cattle and chickens and pigs. I guess they're just really, really stupid and never think about stuff at all. Their stupidity astonishes me to no end.

Besides, Obama has no business butting into Canadian sovereign affairs. It's none of his business. He has enough domestic problems anyway, which he needs to start dealing with, and dealing with using his brain, not that we see very much evidence that he has one.

And Canada has no lessons to take from Barack Hussein Obama, who never seems to know what the hell he's talking about anyway. Blame his dependence on the teleprompter.

ht: National Newswatch