Friday, April 10, 2009

Why Should Anyone Believe That?

A notoriously Liberal-friendly newspaper makes a claim but doesn't back it up.

The Toronto Star, which has been lately trying to hammer the Conservatives on a daily basis as I've observed, is claiming that a "source" which it doesn't identify said something about Prime Minister Stephen Harper allegedly approving of leaking a story regarding former PM Brian Mulroney.

Well, you know, if I had a "source", the left-wing trolls would say that unless I name the source and everything, then I'd have no credibility as a blogger. But why is it that the Big Media tends to be believed whenever it claims it has an unnamed "source" who says something?

How do we know that they're not just making it up? What's stopping them from making it up? Ethics? Yeah, sure, right. Ethics. In the Big Media. If that were true, then I'll eat my shorts!

The Big Media, most especially the more left-leaning outlets, isn't "big" on ethics, credibility, integrity, balance and fairness. We KNOW this. We've seen the differential treatment they accord liberals versus conservatives, global warming/climate change alarmism versus common sense and healthy skepticism, "Palestine" versus Israel, lies about Islam versus the truth about Islam, lies about JudeoChristianity versus the truth about it, not to mention the differential treatment they accorded Barack Hussein Obama versus John McCain and Sarah Palin... We've seen them make the People believe such Big Lies as the lie of "separation of church and state", the lie that homosexuality is mentioned by the Charter, the lie that the "Human Rights" Commissions are legitimate rather than criminally outlaw, etc... Hey, if you have more to add to the list, feel free to do so in the comments... it's fun to bash the Big Media!

The PM's spokesperson, Kory Teneycke, properly dismisses the unfounded claim of the Toronto (Red) Star:

"That all sounds like rumours to me as opposed to fact and I'm not really going to comment. (...)"

Exactly. Nothing but rumors. When the Big Media behaves like this, claiming that somebody told them something and they decided it must necessarily be true even without seeing any proof for themselves, and they publish it with sensational headlining, then why should we believe that it's necessarily true?

Again, if I did the same thing, the leftist trolls would demand proof, else they'd say I have no credibility. They'd also dismiss something like that if I linked to it, perhaps also attacking the source as whatever negative stuff they wish.

Why should the Toronto (Red) Star be exempt from this skepticism? Why should they be treated with any better reverence than FOX, World Net Daily, the Northeast Intelligence Network, Newsmax, CNS News, the Canada Free Press, the Debka File, and even lowly, amateur-civilian-in-very-comfortable-clothes-at-home, Blogspot blogs like mine? I mean, are Big Left-leaning Media outlets any more ethical or scrupulous than any on the right? Of course not!

In fact, keen-eyed-and-minded observers who've been carefully watching the media for many years and carefully thinking about what they've seen, keeping a relational, pattern-oriented virtual database in their minds, can see that the Leftist Big Media is less ethical and less scrupulous than the more fair and balanced FOX News, Global News (in Canada, if only with a half-hour news update per day, and they should have a 24-hour news-and-issues-analysis-and-punditry channel, or at least there should be a FOX News Canada), etc.

That said, who cares if there was a little confusion and misunderstanding regarding rules of membership in the Conservative Party? I mean, this shee-it happens all the time to everyone. I don't see why the Big Media thinks it's a major issue to blow waaaaay out of proportion with unfounded claims and explosively sensational, wrongfully damning headlines.

Besides, why is the Toronto (Red) Star focussing on this total-non-issue little misunderstanding thingy whilst deliberately ignoring the Big Issue of the illegitimacy and criminality of the "Human Rights" Commissions? How about Barack Hussein Obama's disturbing ties to extremists and his failure to provide proper documentation to prove that he's Constitutionally, legitimately the President? How about the continuing employment by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff of the reprehensible, Brownshirt-like-behavior-demonstrating, intimidation-and-threats-practicing bully of a political propaganda attack clown, the disgraced-but-who-knows-'cause-where's-the-Big-Media, Warren Kinsella? How about the reality that there are no human rights in the Islamic World and that women, homosexuals and others are mistreated, tortured, enslaved and murdered all the time under Islam and Sharia Law based on hatred and prejudice? How about the reality that in China there are no human rights, that the Communist Party is a massive, organized-crime gang enslaving, abusing, imprisoning, torturing, harvesting the organs of and executing over a billion people for profit? Go ahead... add to the long, long, looooong list in the comments if you wish.

The list of verifiable, provable, big-deal-issue stuff the Big Media refuses to give the time of day is longer than the day is long on June 21st, hell, even longer than Fidel Castro's ridiculous B.S. speeches about nothing!

We KNOW that the Big Media prefers to pursue an agenda of perceptual manipulation and misinformation/disinformation of the People. We KNOW they push stories, non-stories and promote Big Lies which are part of the "Progressive" Liberal Left's agenda of social reengineering, Free-World-corrupting, Axis of Evil-praising, global-socialist-regime-promoting, etc. We saw how they got a complete dud, Barack Hussein Obama, elected President by dishonestly, Machiavellianly, agenda-driven, running the Big Propaganda Campaign for the "Progressive" movement to make sure this happened. Who can forget the unfair, unbalanced differential coverage they foisted on the People between Barack Hussein Obama and Sarah Palin? 100% unfair and unbalanced, and this no one can credibly deny, for we've seen it with our very eyes. They ignored damning proof about Obama whilst trumpeting with monstrous headlines whatever rumors and lies and demonizations came up against Sarah Palin. It was painfully infuriating to watch, pretty much helplessly, as, hey, what can one do? How do we stop those well-financed, well-organized, totally dishonest, unethical, immoral, unscrupulous, scary, radically-extreme-agenda-driven "Progressives"? It's just like what happened during the transition from the Weimar Republic to the Third Reich via pretty much the same kind of control of the media and via Brownshirt thugs (like ACORN today) running the whole intimidation racket. It's happening again, today, in the Free World. What are we doing to stop it? What are we doing in the face of the Hard Left's aggressive drive to destroy America and promote a global socialist regime?

ht: National Newswatch