Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Nastiest, Most Infantile Dirty Trick Yet From Liberals

This is nasty. (Warning: Pixelated naughty picture of womens' shower scene) And this time it's not even directed at any conservatives. It's directed at an NDPer. And a rather accomplished actress, by the way.

I see no value politically in their latest stunt. What's the matter with them, never grew up?

Oh, well, those "progressives", they're very childish anyway, so it doesn't surprise me that they'd be doing something like this.

Never forget... Liberals will do anything to win. Better make sure there's no naked pictures of yourself out there before you think of running for political office against Liberals.

And if you're going to get your picture taken in the shower, just remember to have really, really warm water running, not cold, specifically if you're a man.

Dirty. Rotten. Scoundrels. Liberals. Librano$$$.