Monday, April 13, 2009

Fuhrer Obama Using DHS As Gestapo Against Good People

By "good people" I mean anyone who's not a "progressive" liberal leftist. I mean conservatives, Christians, non-Obama-worshippers, people who use their brains and exercise their rights, especially freedom of expression.

Atlas Shrugs gives us the details.

Why is Obama, via the DHS, trying to label anyone who has a different point of view "right-wing extremists"?

What about all the left-wing extremists we know are all over the place and who worship Obama? What of these hateful, intolerant, America-hating left-wing extremists? They're real and their numbers are staggering compared to the minuscule, long-ago-marginalized-to-the-tiny fringe who call themselves "skinheads" and so on and so forth. Why not target them instead?

Why go after imaginary "right wing extremists" (hey, the Liberal Party of Canada's asskicking clown, Warren Kinsella, does that, looking for them in bathrooms and such and makes a fool of himself each and every time when he's exposed!) but not real, clear, present and extremely dangerous Left-Wing Extremists... and Islamic Supremacists, Terrorists, Fascists, Imperialists?

Why not go after the very real homosexual supremacists, terrorists, racists? Stop pretending they don't exist and tell the DHS to watch out for those very, very real, dangerous "gay" Nazis!

What about the Nation of Islam? The Black Panthers? What about the Mexican drug gangs?

What about the illegal aliens?

What about... you get the idea. Obama won't go after them, but will go after those who don't support his agenda.

Next thing you know, Obama will do what the Democrats did not too long ago (create the KKK to kill Blacks and Black and White Republicans), and... oh, wait... I believe I've already blogged about what he's got in store for those who refuse to Heil Obama!

Yes, yes, yes... again I'm going to post a picture closely approximating Obama as the man he truly is, or is fast becoming, if he isn't stopped:


Yes, Obama is a freakin' gosh-darned neo-Nazi bastard! How dare he tell DHS that folks like me are "right-wing extremists"? Take this, then, Fuhrer Obama! You are a freakin Nazi bastard!

Take your Department of Hate and Socialism and shove it up your neo-Nazi ass!

Yes, I totally mean the following picture... as a warning of what lurks within Obama's hidden agenda!


Hey, since you "progressive" assholes called President Bush "Hitler" every damn day, then you can't complain!

Don't like my saying so? Then you're no better than he is!

Next thing you know, all you "progressives" and "centrists", you'll find yourself saying "good for you, Obama!" when you see Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and millions of other non-Obama-worshipping Americans (and probably ME, too, a Canadian!) being forced at gunpoint into boxcars by his mandatorily-brainwashed-and-forced-to-do-as-the-state-orders "civilian servants" and taken to one of his (Congress-approved-already-did-you-know?) to-be-constructed concentration camps...

I take no lessons from "progressives". They like Obama and everything he's doing, so...

How many people does Obama have to murder before you start to say, "Hey, wait... WTF is going on"?

Just like the stupid, brainless, immoral People of the Third Reich, who went along with whatever Hitler did... and didn't snap out of it until Germany was destroyed and many of their own fellow civilian Nazi-lovers were dead...

I'm "over the top"? Nope. Obama is over the top!

We must fight evil, no matter how, no matter where... and no matter what the cost. Hell, America is already well on the road to bankruptcy, so what's there left to lose?

How dare the Obamanians call good people evil? That's like Nazis calling Jews evil. Oh, yeah, they did that, too, so is it all that surprising?

Remember, Churchill warned about Hitler's agenda. They dismissed his warnings. But he was soon proven right.

The rest is history.

And history is repeating itself right now.

Hello again, 1938!