Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama Doing Al Qaeda A Huge Favor


Story here. Do read it all to get all the facts.

Oh, shee-it, shee-it, shee-it!

What effect, then, will the release of new and damning photos have? The Chicago Tribune reported last week even Obama administration “Defense Department officials would not say exactly what is contained in the photos but said they are concerned the release could incite a Mideast backlash.”

Sen. John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, admitted, “I do think it will be used as a propaganda tool and have some damaging impact.” Even The Huffington Post noted Kerry “did concede that the pictures ‘will be used as a tool... as were the other photos [from Abu Ghraib].’”

In other words, leftists understand and expect that this will harm America’s safety and increase jihadist activity – and they’re plowing ahead, anyway. But Teresa’s better half cited the Left’s all-important rationale: “But this didn't happen under Obama; it happened under Bush, and everyone understands that.”


Taken together, it becomes clear Obama seeks to elevate his image by turning the Bush administration into a moral pariah. However, his decisions are undoing the edifice that protected this nation for seven years – and even his administration publicly fears his latest move alone will supercharge al-Qaeda recruitment. As a whole, his Homeland Security policy is either a stunning series of unmitigated naivete, megalomania, spite for President Bush, or hatred of his own country.

Then again, one day when he's asked why he did all the stupid, harmful things he did as President, I predict that Barack Hussein Obama will simply shrug and say...

"I was only following orders".