Friday, April 10, 2009

SSM In US Not 'Inevitable'

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ht: ADF

While the daily news might portray same-sex “marriage” as being inevitable in our country, this is not the case. The main stream media wants you to forget how the people of California, Arizona, and Florida voted to support traditional marriage only a few months ago. The media wants you to believe that same-sex “marriage” will soon be the law of the land. While the battle is certainly not over in many states, citizens should not believe the misconception that there’s a “trend” across our country supporting same-sex “marriage.”

If you don’t remember anything from this blog post, remember these two important statistics:

0% of states that have legalized same-sex “marriage” have done so by the vote of the people. Neither Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, nor Vermont have redefined marriage by the vote of the people.

100% of the states (30 states total) that have asked their voters to define marriage in their state constitution have defined marriage as between only one man and one woman because the voters – not the judges or legislators – made that decision.

Expect extreme rhetoric, intimidation and potential violence
from the more-radically-extreme, out-of-line, over-the-top, beyond-the-pale "gay" propagandists and brownshirts who refuse to tolerate the human right of democracy and believe they're entitled to unilaterally reengineer and impose upon the rest of society to suit themselves and their private preferences/recreational activities, wielding Big Media-supported Big Lies in doing so. There is actually precedent for this sort of thing in one infamous closet homosexual from the last century.

While some homosexuals were interned in Nazi work camps, the role of homosexuals in Nazi history cannot be accurately represented solely by a pink triangle. Our review of more than 200 history texts written since the 1930s suggests that a pink swastika is equally representative, if not more so. For, ironically, while many homosexuals were persecuted by the Nazi party, there is no doubt that the Nazi party itself had many homosexuals within its own ranks, even among its highest leadership.